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Amnesty Will Turn All 50 States into California


RUSH: Fort Walton Beach, Florida, as we go now back to the phones and Paul. I'm glad you called, sir. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, and a very great pleasure to speak with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Thanks for having me on.

RUSH: Thank you. My pleasure.

CALLER: The Gang of Eight US senators who have been drafting the latest immigration reform bill behind closed doors for the last few months finished their PR visit to the Mexican border last week and have now revealed that they intend to actually put the document in the docket, probably beginning early next week. Senator Sessions of Alabama says he has inside information that Majority Leader Reid will address this secretly drafted bill as the virtual first order of business and hope to have it done in the first week -- or, failing that, certainly within three weeks. In the words of Lindsey Graham, the reason they didn't release the bill earlier is so that the constituents didn't hear about it during the current recess.

Lindsey Graham said, "We didn't want to hang it out there for two weeks to get shot at." So obviously, based on Senator Graham's comments, we're not gonna be happy with the contents. Yet why do the Democrats want to ram this thing through and why are the RINO-camp followers supporting this effort? Well, one only needs to look at the previous or current incarnation of so-called immigration reform, which we call amnesty, which was passed in 1986. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 had a number of significant accomplishments, none of them good.

But the greatest accomplishment was that it turned California into the Left Coast. Before this bill was passed in 1986, California had been in the Republican camp for almost half a century. It was the basis for Ronald Reagan's power, of course. He was a two-term governor, he carried it during both of his landslides, and even the elder Bush carried it in 1988. Yet within a few years after the passage of the so-called Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, most of the illegal immigrants in California -- and there were millions of them -- were naturalized and became voters.

RUSH: Okay, so let me ask you a question.


RUSH: Why, given what you know -- and this is not wrong, by the way. What he said here, folks, about California is not arguable. California used to be a Republican stronghold. It was. And if we do amnesty, we are turning this country into California. There's no two ways about that. My question to you, Paul, is I know you're a concerned citizen. You obviously are a voter. You've thought about it. You call 'em RINOs, but they're still Republicans. What in the world do you think is the reason Republicans, knowing what you know, are so eager to sign on to this and turn the country into California? Do you think you they know that's what they're doing or do they not?

CALLER: No. Republicans are not in favor of this bill. The rank-and-file are 80-20 or 90-10 again it.

RUSH: No, but the Gang of Eight Republicans, the McCains. By the way, I spoke to Marco Rubio today about this off the air. He called a little bit before 11 o'clock. He is insistent that this thing -- and he's in the Gang of Eight. He's insistent this thing not be ramrodded through, that there be hearings. He's very much aware of the Democrat effort to battering ram this thing through. He sent Leahy, the Judiciary Committee chairman, a letter saying, "I want some hearings," and Leahy wrote back, "Well, we may do one," and Marco Rubio's not satisfied with that.


CALLER: Well, he shouldn't be. There should be complete hearings, normal deliberative order that should go on for months. The 1986 bill took almost five years to pass and yet these guys want to ram it through in five days if we're to believe what they say.

RUSH: That's what I'm asking why the Republicans in this Gang of Eight that want this to happen. What is your theory about why the Republicans who want this rammed through -- and there are some -- are desirous of this?

CALLER: Okay, the only Republicans who want this thing rammed through are the people that we call the RINOs, Republicans-in-Name-Only. But we need to go beyond the term RINO. Anyone who supports this amnesty bill, which is gonna be nothing but a... It's going to do to the entire country what the previous amnesty bill or the existing one did to California. It's gonna turn the country into a Left Country just as the previous amnesty bill turned California into the Left Coast.

RUSH: Right. I know. I agree. My question is --

CALLER: Well, okay. Let me give you the answer. We should stop calling them RINOs and start calling them DMARs, D-M-A-Rs. That is "Democrats Masquerading As Republicans." Because really, you cannot objectively look at the accomplishments -- all negative -- from the existing law and make any claim, any objective claim that you subscribe to Republican principles.

RUSH: Okay. So you do not believe that it's possible or likely that McCain or any of these other Republicans actually think that this is a way to transfer Hispanic votes to Republicans by being for this, 'cause that's what they say.

CALLER: Studies show exactly the opposite, and you've covered it on the show. The real solution to... Okay, there's general agreement that before any immigration reform bill will work and stop illegal immigration, the border fence must be completed. That was in the Republican platform in 2012, and people who don't think that that would work need only look at Israel. Israel has built a fence along their border with Egypt in the last year and a half that has completely stopped illegal immigration. To quote the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it has reduced immigration -- illegal immigration -- to nil. Okay? That's the answer to the immigration problem: Finish the dang fence.

RUSH: Well, I hate to tell you, but there's no such thing anymore as "illegal immigration." That's been removed from the AP stylebook, and so they're not even going to report that. In the popular media now, and the media source that most Americans end up seeing one way or the other, they're not gonna be called that anymore.

CALLER: Well, we still control the House. We've gotta stop this. Anyone who loves liberty will oppose this.

RUSH: Well, I hate to tell you. I hate to tell you. From what I have heard, and I've seen it, the House has an immigration bill, and it apparently, just from what I've heard... I actually shouldn't say this with any certitude. It's just what I've read a couple of places. It doesn't differ that much from the Senate bill.

CALLER: Well, it's gonna be the end of the republic if they pass this thing. I mean, it will take two, three, four election cycles for it to happen, but the Democrats will become the overwhelming majority party. Liberalism will take over the entire country. The Republican Party will be a rump organization, nothing but a debating society.

RUSH: Well, but the Hispanics will love 'em.

CALLER: Well, yeah, but... Okay, we need to make a choice. Stand up and fight or lay down and die. Make your decision.

RUSH: Whoa! Whoa! That's Paul in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.



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