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Intellectually Incurious Today Show Hosts are Shocked That So Many People Know Global Warming is a Hoax


RUSH: Let's move on to what happened on the Today Show yesterday.  This kind of thing literally, I have to admit, boggles my mind.  It really does.  I mean, I know that there is blatant assumptive stupidity out there, but sometimes I can't understand it.  Hard as I try, as solid as my instincts are, I want you to listen.  There was a news story out about all the conspiracies and stuff that people believe.  Seven percent of Americans think that lizard people are running the country and 13% believe in the Trilateral Commission and New World Order, that kind of survey. 

And in this survey, it was announced 37% of the American people do not believe in global warming.  So on the Today show that's what they focused on.  They went and got Al Roker, who, by the way, is still talking about having pooped in his pants at the White House.  He's still talking about it as though it was a funny, great thing to have happened because of where it happened.  Who else has admitted to this, besides Al Roker?  It put him on the map with the low-information audience.  So listen to this sound bite.

WILLIE GEIST: They took 20 widespread conspiracy theories and asked the American public what it thought, "Do you believe in these?"

NATALIE MORALES: What does this say about us?

WILLIE GEIST: Global warming is a hoax, 37% believe that.

AL ROKER:  Wow.  Thirty-seven percent of these people don't believe in global warming.


AL ROKER:  They think it's a hoax.


AL ROKER:  I mean, two words:  Super storm Sandy.

NATALIE MORALES:  Sandy, right.

RUSH:  Do you realize, ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna try and be nice here. This is the weatherman of the Today show, Al Roker.  Now, everybody knows the manmade global warming thing is a hoax.  There's another story about it today about a firm that has been caught lying about its data and falsely interpreting its data, which shows a temperature plunge.  They changed it to show a massive temperature increase over some historical period.  They have admitted the lie.  We have the e-mails from East Anglia, it is, for those engaged in intellectual inquiry, a hoax.  The whole thing is made up.  It was phony from the get-go. 

My guess is that Al Roker has no clue that any of this science has been rejected.  My guess is that Al Roker doesn't read enough, isn't curious enough to know.  Al Roker lives in the pop culture bubble, and in the pop culture bubble global warming is happening, and we're causing it, and it's destroying everything, and everything flows from that.  And so confronted with the news that 37% of the American people think it's a hoax, Al can't believe it and says, "I got two words for you:  Super storm Sandy."  That's three words, number one.  Well, they might say super storm is one word.  It was a hurricane.  A hurricane.  A hurricane is proof of global warming to Al Roker. 

Folks, we sit here, I laugh at it, you laugh at it, but I'm telling you, it's problematic.  It is a huge problem. This is how people are being ill-educated, dumbed down.  What is education?  I read some description, you know, I always laugh at this, too.  We know what goes on at college.  Students are there just to bide their time 'til they figure out what they want to do and they're going to sorority busts and beer busts and they're doing all this stuff, and to listen to these educators talk about the intellectual inquiry going on at the academy, there isn't any intellectual inquiry going on at the academy.  There is propaganda going on at the academy.  Intellectual inquiry?

Al Roker is proof positive there isn't any curiosity or intellectual presence, much less inquiry, at NBC.  "Wow, they don't believe in global warming. Wow, I give you two words: super storm Sandy," and everybody goes, "Yeah, super storm Sandy."  They all think the same thing.  They all believe the same thing.  They all say the same thing.  They're robots.  They're followers.  Not one of them has dared even try to figure out what is really happening.  In the old days, folks, even though there was a bias, in the old days -- I hate that phrase, but when I was a kid, the people on TV were smarter than everybody else.  People on TV did know more than everybody else.  There weren't that many of them, either, because there weren't that many TV networks. 

The people on TV did have to meet certain qualifications.  Now anybody can be on TV, and anybody is.  We've gotten to the point now where the people who are in positions in media and in classrooms are probably dumber than their students, in some cases, and certainly their audiences.  Breathtaking to behold to me. 


RUSH: I'll tell you what these people do. You got Al Roker and Willie Geist and whoever the woman was, and they're talking about the poll: 37% of the American people think that global warming is a hoax. If you listen to the reaction of Al Roker and these guys, it's, "What do they do?" They ridicule people in their audience who are in that 37% group, which is one of the techniques these people use. It's right out of Alinsky, by the way, but it's a technique that anybody can use. Ridicule is hard to undo. I mean, if you can get away with ridiculing -- making your opponent look ridiculous -- that's over half the battle won in a quasi-debate.

That's what they do.

They sit here from this lofty perch of pomposity. They are the champions of ignorance. They don't know what they're talking about. The things you and I know are out there for anybody to discover, but they're not reported in the mainstream media. So people like Al Roker and Willie Geist are never gonna come across these facts. It's like Juan Williams. I'll never forget this. Lord Monckton is a famous individual from Great Britain, and long an advocate of exposing the fraud that is the manmade global warming branch of liberalism. And he was in Washington, and he happened to be speaking the National Press Club, and Williams was there.

He went on Fox afterwards and said (summarized), "You know, I never heard any of that before!" He said, "I'm rethinking what I believe about global warming. I never heard any of that before."

I'm sitting there and I'm nodding my head, "Yep. Here's a guy, a highly paid commentator/expert who knows more than the audience does on Fox, and he's never heard of one argument counter to the premise of manmade global warming -- and when he did, he was confused, because he heard it from somebody he thought had credibility." Well, Al Roker and his crowd have never even heard it. They live in a world where that news has never been seen. So they have this arrogant, condescending belief that everything they know is right, and then when they run across people that don't believe what they do, they start laughing at 'em, making fun of them, ridiculing them -- even if they're in their own audience.

That's how they intimidate people, by the way, and get away with it, too. 


RUSH:  Now, here's what happened and I'm gonna move on.  I've made my point.  Here's what happened that caused Hurricane Sandy.  It was a hurricane. Pure and simple.  Hurricanes happen during a particular time of the year, whether there's global warming or not.  And, by the way, we're in the middle of a global warming period because we're warming up from an ice age 4,000 years ago, so we are warming.  That's not the question.  We warm and we cool.  We have nothing to do with it, folks.  We can't cause it. We can't stop it. We can't cause a thunderstorm; we can't stop one.  We can't cause a snowstorm. We can't fix a drought. We can't do anything!  We cannot cause global warming.  We cannot cause storms. 

Anyway, you have a hurricane, a natural occurrence, they do happen. It happened to collide with a massive amount of cold air from Canada during a full moon.  That meant high tide.  The alignment of those events could not have been more conducive to a massive storm.  Now, did global warming have anything to do with the full moon?  How can there be a massive cold front from Canada with manmade global warming?  I don't know, maybe I'm making too big a deal out of this.  But the blatant, rampant ignorance from people who are proud of it, they're proud of it, is just...

I'll tell you why I think about this.  If I had gone to school when people like this were around, I shudder to think what I would believe today. I shudder to think what I would not know today, if I had teachers like I read about today.  If I had political activists as TV weather people, you know, what would I believe today?  It's a major, major challenge that I think we have.  



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