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Obama Bricks Lose ESPN, Low-Information Crowd


RUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, I guess it was last week.  It was one of those days, and I think every day is one of those days, where people were discussing, ruminating, "What's it gonna take to wake people up?  What's it gonna take to cause people to see this administration, this president, for what they really are?  What's it gonna take?"  And it's obvious that five years of alternative news and words and all that hasn't done it.  And when I began speculating on this, people said, "Oh, you're talking about a hurricane or natural disaster where the government flubs up and --" No, no, no, no.  Not anything like that at all. 

I'm talking about some cultural, political event that's gonna cause people -- and I cited as an example, let's say Obama's chatting with some people, there's an open mic, and he happens to start dissing Justin Timberlake's latest CD.  It's gonna be something like that.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, this may not be it, but it's this kind of thing that I'm talking about.  Because Obama, at least yesterday, lost ESPN.  I can't tell you how upset his supporters are that he bricked 20 out of 22 free throws.  His supporters are still beside themselves.  He can destroy the economy. He can raise taxes. He can screw up health care all he wants, but if he can only make two out of 22 basketball shots, then they're starting to get worried. 

Over on ESPN on Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser were discussing this.  Wilbon starts off by saying (paraphrasing), "Should Obama be embarrassed by this, 2-for-22 shooting performance yesterday?" 

Kornheiser said, "That's brutal.  They weren't jump shots. He was missing layups.  He was unguarded.  You gotta walk away, man, you miss five, six, or eight, you gotta walk away. You gotta stop the bleeding.  You can't come back and say, 'Oh, give me another ball.'"

And Wilbon says, "Why not?  The shooters do." 

Kornheiser, "Nope.  Nope.  You walk away.  When you don't have it that day, you walk away."  And then Kornheiser said, "This will go down as the most embarrassing moment Obama of Obama's presidency." 

Now, when you are on the verge of losing ESPN, when they are telling you you are an embarrassment, you shoulda walked away -- it's little things, folks, don't doubt me, it's little things like this.  Snerdley is looking at me like, "You can't possibly believe what you're saying."  Are you doubting me on this?  That's exactly what I'm telling you.  Of all the things he's done, this is it. This is the most embarrassing thing, and I guarantee you if there were any shots of him playing golf with Tiger, that would have been it. But I'm telling you, it's this kind of stuff, this pop culture stuff that's gonna cause people to lose respect for Obama. 

I'm not making this up, and I'm not trying to be funny. I'm not trying to be provocative, outrageous, that happens anyway.  I'm not trying to do any of that.  I'm telling you I really think -- and Wilbon said, "Well, you know, Tony, you certainly turned this into a great American tragedy."  Kornheiser said, "No, it's a great American comedy."  Now, these guys may have been yanking everybody's chains but the point is they said it and the low-information crowd out there is hearing it and they're already upset that Obama can only make two out of 22. I mean, this is a big deal.  They're still talking about how embarrassed they were for the guy. 

And you didn't hear much about it, but remember when he threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game wearing the mom jeans?  It was embarrassing just to watch Obama try to throw a baseball, but he's supposed to be good at basketball.  Isn't there a little racism, by the way, attached to that theory?  Why is Obama supposed to be good at basketball?  No, no, no.  Somebody tell me.  Where is the supposition, where is the assumption, from where does it come that Obama would excel at basketball?  Just asking.  Just asking.  That's all I'm doing is asking. 


He's tall. He can jump.  Fine, you want to skirt around this, Snerdley, you go ahead and skirt around it all day.  Why would the media presume, assume Obama would be slam dunk at basketball?  They did.  All these high expectations, he goes out there, makes two out of 22, and I'm telling you, they're embarrassed.  This kind of thing, mark my words, it's in the same category here as dissing a Timberlake CD.  Remember who we're talking about now, folks.  We're talking about the low-information pop culture news consumers.  He is the Celebrity of the United States.  He's not the president of the United States, to these people. 


RUSH: It's little things, you may never hear about it, little things, barely a ripple and nobody might ever see.  The same thing with Obama totally embarrassing his buddies in the pop culture media. You're supposed to walk away. If you're having such a bad day that you can't make more than two out of 22 shots, walk away. 

But, see, Obama doesn't look at himself that way.  He doesn't look at himself as never having it on a given day.  But yet Kornheiser says, "Yeah, that's the most embarrassing day of his presidency."  I don't know whether Kornheiser means it, hell, I don't know.  But the point is, to a lot of people that's true.  A lot of people were embarrassed for Obama, a lot of his voters.  I know you think I'm really stretching here.  Trust me, don't doubt me, I'm not.



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