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Pearls of Wisdom

"Ridicule is hard to undo. I mean, if you can get away with ridiculing -- making your opponent look ridiculous -- that's over half the battle won in a quasi-debate. It's right out of Alinsky, by the way, but it's a technique that anybody can use."

"Obama's supporters are still beside themselves. He can destroy the economy, he can raise taxes, he can screw up health care all he wants, but if he can only make two out of 22 basketball shots, then they start to get worried."

"Al Roker is still talking about having pooped in his pants at the White House. He's still talking about it as though it was a funny, great thing to have happened, because of where it happened. Who else would have admitted to this, besides Al Roker?"

"Obama is the celebrity of the United States. He's not the president of the United States to these low-information voters."

"Liberals sit from this lofty perch of pomposity, but they are the champions of ignorance. They don't know what they're talking about."

"The media has this arrogant, condescending belief that everything they know is right, and then when they run across people that don't believe what they do, they start making fun of them, ridiculing them -- even if they're in their own audience. And that's how they intimidate people and get away with it, too."

"If I had gone to school when people like we have in the media today were around, I shudder to think what I would think today -- I shudder to think what I would not know today."

"From the Americans for Tax Reform, Tony Romo, the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, is now the highest paid player in the National Football League. What do you mean it's absurd, Snerdley? Oh, oh. You're speaking from a Cowboy fan standpoint."

"As a professional broadcaster, I can tell you that over the course of my career, there is an adage: don't ever apologize."

"Free speech gives us the ability to react vigorously with effective arguments and expose the weakness and misdirection of the other side's claims."

"The Republicans have nothing to do with denying cancer patients treatment. The Republicans didn't do the sequester -- that was a Barack Obama idea."

"I don't know what economic recovery people see out there. I wish there were one, don't misunderstand; God how I wish there was one. But there isn't."

"Would somebody explain to me how making mortgage money available to people who can't pay it back 'empowers' anything?"

"When I was a kid, the people on TV were smarter than everybody else. There weren't that many of them, either, because there weren't that many TV networks, but the people on TV did have to meet certain qualifications. Now anybody can be on TV, and anybody is."

"Here's what happened that caused Hurricane Sandy: it was a hurricane. Pure and simple."


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