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iPhone App Excitement ... Pregnant Man, Transgender Divorce ... Four NFL Players May Come Out at Once ...

AP Stylebook Eliminates the Term "Islamist"

RUSH: Everything today is an agenda.  Everything promoting the leftist agenda.  There are no news outlets anymore.  It's all opinion.  Everything, everywhere is opinion, from the cherry-picking of information, what is going to be reported and that's gonna be edited out.  What's gonna be reported and what's gonna be ignored. 

Rush's Op-Ed to Millennials at Policymic

RUSH: It's fascinating.  This generational stuff, what their expectations are, it would be hard to say that everybody that posts and contributes to this website all want the same thing.  But there's a common ground of they live in America, and they believe things are possible, and the country's in trouble, and the old people have screwed it up.


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