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AP Stylebook Eliminates the Term "Islamist"


RUSH: The Associated Press, last week they eliminated "illegal immigrant" from the stylebook. Today AP has announced -- wait for it -- the term "Islamist" is no longer permitted in the AP stylebook.


RUSH: So the AP stylebook, ladies and gentlemen, no longer will the word "Islamist" be permitted.  Last week it was "illegal immigrant" that was banned.  When I saw this, I sent a note some friends: "Boys, I think we're long past bias explaining all this."  And I think we are.  "Illegal immigrant," stricken.  AP is the nation's largest news source.  It's not Fox News.  It's not the New York Times. It's not the Washington Post.  It's not ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the LA Times, none of that. 

The AP is in thousands of papers.  It is a credible news source for all news outlets.  More people are exposed to what is written by AP every day than anybody else last week. "Illegal immigrants," stricken.  Today "Islamist" is gone.  And I said in the note to my friends, said, "Boys, bias just doesn't explain this anymore." 

It's not just a bunch of people there that are... there's something else going on, and I'm gonna tell you what I think it is.  Nothing new.  Nothing you haven't probably thought of yourself.  I don't think there really are any news outlets left anymore.  What you and I consider news, there isn't news.  News is what happened that we don't know about, that somebody is out there finding out and then telling us.  That's not news.  Everything today is an agenda.  Everything promoting the leftist agenda.  There are no news outlets anymore.  It's all opinion.  Everything, everywhere is opinion, from the cherry-picking of information, what is going to be reported and that's gonna be edited out.  What's gonna be reported and what's gonna be ignored. 

Cherry-picking of information, editing, the choice of the experts that will be called upon. In economic news, the experts who are always surprised that no matter what direction the unemployment news goes.  If only 88,000 jobs were created, ah, the experts are surprised. It's beneath expectations.  Or it's above expectations.  It's one of the two.  The timing of the release of information, it's all opinion now, and I think journalism students -- there may be some -- but I really think that the editors at news organizations today are the political operatives.  And the reporters are the interns in the operation.  We're long past bias now.  What we've got is actual Democrat Party apparatchiks in the news disguised as journalists.  They come out of journalism school.  What are they taught there?  So when the AP says, "You know what, we're not gonna call 'em Islamists anymore."  That's not a journalistic judgment.  That is a partisan political judgment, ditto "illegal immigrant." 



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