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First Lady Says She's a Single Mother, As Barack Makes Sexist Remark About California Attorney General


RUSH: How about Moochelle (My Belle) Obama?  Did you hear this?  Burlington, Vermont, yesterday, she was being interviewed on WCAX-TV, the correspondent Bridget Barry Caswell said, "Can you talk to me about the issues of access and affordability?  I mean, it all sounds great, but it's not that easy, and the realities of family in America today who are busy, not home every night, how do you tackle that?"

MICHELLE:  Believe me, as a busy single mother -- or, I shouldn't say single.  As a busy mother, sometimes it -- you know, when you've got the husband who's president, it can feel a little single.  But he's there.

RUSH:  Whoa.  Folks, what was this really now?  The First Lady referred to herself right off the bat as a single mother.  Could it be that's how she actually feels?  Could it be that Barack's not around, he's too busy as president? (imitating Michelle) "I mean, believe me, as a single mother -- uh, I shouldn't say single, busy mother, busy mother.  You know, sometimes when you got a husband who's president, it can feel a little bit like a single mother."  Whoa.  Okay, that's officially stepping in it, but that happened after Obama stepped in it. 

Obama was somewhere and he started talking about the attorney general, state of California.  He was in Atherton.  Atherton is one of the top five ZIP codes, wealth, in the country. Bay Area, I mean, it's loaded.  And Bam's out there raising money.  For what?  He not running for anything.  What's he raising money for?  He's not raising money for the Democrats.  He's raising money for Organizing for Action

Anyway, he was talking about the attorney general, state of California, name is Kamala Harris, and Obama said (imitating Obama), "Oh, yeah, she's brilliant. She's dedicated. She's tough, and she happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general."  Oh, no.  Now, in 1968 or '69, that would have been so cool. That would have been a great compliment.  Today it's an insult.  Today that's sexist, for the president to comment on the attractiveness of any woman. It had nothing to do with the fact that he's married to a single mother.  It has to do with the fact that it's anti-feminist teaching. 

You are not supposed to praise a woman's appearance.  That is to sell her short.  I shouldn't be yelling this because it scares people, but I'm telling you, honestly, he's in trouble over this.  I told you, the things that are gonna slip Obama up are things like dissing Timberlake's CD or going 2-for-22 on the basketball court or now talking about the beauty of the California attorney general.  I mean, he can screw up the economy all he wants. He can screw everything up, that won't hurt, but this kind of stuff?  You're not supposed to this.  Add to it that he's married, and that the media's doing everything they can to make Michelle out to be the belle of the ball. 

I mean, the media is telling everybody that Michelle Obama is the most beautiful babe out there.  Here's Obama out there salivating over the California attorney general.  She's brilliant, she's dedicated, and she happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general.  And the left chattering class is nervous because this is not what a good feminist guy does.  To compliment a woman on her appearance is sexist.  It's objectifying her.  All she is is her looks, and this is the attorney general, so let's go to the audio sound bites.  Howard Kurtz, CNN Starting Point today, he was on, and he's worried.  Howard Kurtz is worried about this sexist slip.  Here's the first the sound bite.

KURTZ:  I'm sorry.  This is the media PC police run amok.  Now, I'm more than willing to criticize President Obama when he says something dumb.  "You're likable enough, Hillary," that was dumb.  "You didn't build that," that was dumb.  Making a light comment about the attorney general of California at a party fundraiser, I haven't seen anything where she took any offense.

RUSH:  Yeah, yeah.  So we gotta excuse him here.  Howard Kurtz is worried.  Media PC police run amuck.  "Now, I'm more than willing to criticize President Obama when he says something dumb.  'You're likable enough, Hillary,' that was dumb.  'You didn't build that,' that was dumb.  Making a light comment about the attorney general of California at a party fundraiser, I haven't seen anything where she took any offense." He's worried.  Kurtz is worried.  The next sound bite is Howard Kurtz and the business correspondent, Christine Romans.

KURTZ:  The good thing for the president is it doesn't seem to be on videotape. Unless a secret Mitt Romney 47% video surfaces, then you won't get to play it over and over.

ROMANS:  Well, he and Michelle Obama can discuss tonight each of their gaffes and decide who needs to apologize for which one.

RUSH:  Folks, so they both stepped in it.  Michelle called herself a single mother.  Look, Michelle's been on the cover of everything.  I'm telling you that the media has done everything they can to portray her as the nation's most beautiful, most fashionable woman.  And then here's Obama out there praising the AG of California while Michelle is talking about herself as a single mother. 

Don't forget, Clinton, folks, you've forgotten this. In the nineties there was some old artifact exhibit that rolled through town, and Clinton went out there to look at it. It featured a mummy, an 8,000 whatever-year-old mummy.  We played this on my TV show.  Clinton said (imitating Clinton), "Hey, you know, if that mummy weren't dead, I might ask her out.  That mummy is looking pretty good." 

And then there was a woman's basketball team that showed up at the White House.  They'd won some tournament and made the obligatory trip to the White House, and this babe is taller than Clinton, which to a guy like Clinton, is a massive, massive turn on. He lost his cookies over that girl.  And nobody worried about Hillary in any of this.  But they're all concerned here about complimenting the AG of California.  What's that gonna do to his marriage?  They're worried about this.  These are the kind of faux pas, I'm telling you, they're gonna be worried about.


RUSH: By the way, I am told I didn't know that Obama has apologized to Kamala Harris, the attorney general in California. He called her up and he apologized for creating such a distraction.  Well, I gotta tell you, I don't know, the guy compliments a woman's appearance and has to call and apologize.  I mean, what the hell.  What in the name of Sam Hill. 

"Come on, Mr. Limbaugh, you know that it was inappropriate to do because this is a situation, it's fundraising, it's political, it's professional, it's a business related situation, and to say that about the attorney general was just --" Oh, you mean you're criticizing Obama?  "Well, he shouldn'ta done it, but he apologize for it, it was a distraction."  What have we come to?  Okay, I'm sorry I noticed that you're attractive.  I'll forget it from now on.  Next time I look at you, I'm gonna think you're just a potato sack.



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