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iPhone App Excitement
RUSH:  Folks, it's getting a little exciting here on the iPhone.  I don't know when it was, three weeks ago or so, I bought an app from the iOS app store, and this app has been so overwhelmingly popular that the people who wrote the app didn't think that they could handle everybody who wanted the app being able to download it and use it at the same time, so they established, essentially, a reservation system.  And the reservation system was you buy the app and you are in line, and you are behind everybody else who bought the app. 

Well, when I downloaded the app, I was number 456,000, and I have been busy monitoring it each day to see where I am.  As we speak, I am at number 968 for this app.  This morning, at a quarter 'til nine, I was number 7,000.  So it's going at a pretty good clip.  The app's called Mailbox, and it only works with Gmail right now.  And I don't use Gmail much, but this app is supposedly highfalutin future the way e-mail programs should be.  I want to find out if that's true, so I'll get the app and test some e-mail with Gmail.  But if you go get it now from the iOS app store you'll be at number 153,000.  That's how many people are in line now waiting for it.  I am down to 953. 

I ought to be getting an e-mail from these people even before this hour is up.  I've been counting down here since being in line at number 456,000.  Two weeks or so ago they announced they crossed the threshold of one million.  It's actually just a slick marketing thing, you know, they announced this great thing and then tell you you can't have it yet.  That's all it is.  But I admit, it hooked me.  You know, 'cause I love this stuff.

Pregnant Man, Transgender Divorce
RUSH: Headline:  "Pregnant Man, Transgender Divorce."  I kid you not.  "An Arizona resident, Thomas Beatie, is angry at a court ruling that found the Beatie's marriage to be invalid.  Now, Tom Beatie promises to continue to fight to end the nine-year marriage so that the children can understand that the marriage was legitimate. 

Now, hang in there with me here, folks, because it will make some sense, sort of some sense, here in a minute.  Here's the background.  Tom Beatie was born a woman, Tracy.  Tracy wanted to be a man, so Tracy had a double mastectomy and testosterone treatments.  Tracy became Tom, but kept Tracy's female reproductive organs.  So Tom was born a woman, Tracy.  Tracy, born a woman, but wanted to be a man.  So Tracy had a double mastectomy, cause she was born a woman, and had testosterone treatments.  Tracy became Tom but kept Tracy's female reproductive organs in all of this. 

After the double mastectomy and after the testosterone treatments, after the name change.  Tom, who became Tracy, then kept the female reproductive organs.  Are you with me on this?  Every bit of this is true.  Tom then married partner Nancy in Honolulu.  Since Nancy was unable to have children, Tom got pregnant with donated sperm.  Tom has now given birth to three children.  Got all that?  Okay.  The family then moved to Arizona, but when Tom and Nancy decided to divorce -- ahem -- there were some complications. 

This week, Maricopa County family court judge, Douglas Gerlach, ruled that because Tom was a biological female when he married Nancy, and because same-sex marriages aren't legal in Arizona yet, the Beatie's marriage can't be recognized as valid.  So they can't divorce.  Tom, remember, was born a woman, Tracy.  Tom, holding his new girlfriend's hand, said, after this ruling, that Arizona's bigoted, that Arizona is unaccepting of transgender people and vows to keep fighting.  This father, the biological mother, complained to reporters that his kids will know that a court declared, "That's not your daddy," and he asks us to, quote, "Imagine what this is doing to my children." 

We are, Mr. Beatie.  We really are.  Everything in this story, ladies and gentlemen, is true.  I did not fabricate anything.  If you lost track of it, doesn't matter, it's true.  Tom was born a woman,  Tracy, who wanted to be a man.  So, bye-bye boobs, hello, testosterone.  Voila, Tracy becomes Tom.  Kept the reproductive organs of Tracy, though, female reproductive organs untouched.  Then goes and marries partner Nancy in Honolulu, but Nancy can't have kids.  Oh, no, so Tom, who was born Tracy, got pregnant anyway, donated sperm.  Tom, born Tracy, now a man, gave birth to three kids.  And the court said, "You can't get a divorce 'cause none of this is possible." 

And Tom said, "Can you imagine what this is doing to my children?" (laughing) Tom, can we imagine what you are doing to your children.  You're asking what the court's doing. 

Four NFL Players May Come Out at Once
RUSH: Speaking of the NFL, Brendon Ayanbadejo, who is the linebacker, basically special- teamer, but the linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, who, along with Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings, been leading the charge for gay marriage among NFL players.  Brendon Ayanbadejo actually went to the Supreme Court oral arguments.  He was released by the Ravens this week.  He's 37, and he will admit his better playing days are behind him.  The Ravens released him. 

It took him about a day, and he finally said he does think that their partial reason could be his advocacy, his public advocacy for gay marriage, that kind of stuff, you know, football teams don't want that kind of recognition.  Anyway, Brendon Ayanbadejo said that he and a bunch of others are working hard to get at least four NFL players to come out, not just one.  It wouldn't be right, all that pressure on just one player.  Four Jackie Robinsons instead of just one.  And that's what he said that they're working on.  He's talked to the player reps. He's talked to the head of the union, Troy Vincent. They're working hard here on trying to get a minimum of four NFL players to come out, not just one, so they can spread the pressure around and make it a little easier on the guys that come out.



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