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Rush's Op-Ed to Millennials at Policymic


RUSH: I shoulda mentioned this last week.  It slipped my mind.  A friend of mine, a very accomplished physician, well-known surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, told me that his son is part of the management team and ownership team of a website that is aimed at Millennials, the age-group of Millennials.  His son asked me if I would respond a couple paragraphs to an opinion piece posted by one of the staff members there.  And I said, "Well, if I get started, one or two paragraphs isn't enough." 

"Well, okay, go ahead and write your own piece then." 

So I wrote my own piece, but then I got a deadline and I had to get it in before I was ready to submit it.  But I submitted it and they posted it, and of course it generated all kinds of, "Who is this old guy? What the hell is he talking about?" It was funny. 

Anyway, the name of the website is Policymic.com.  I called Koko Jr. today up at my website, and I sent him a link from my column, my little piece.  I did respond to whatever the piece was that was posted there by the staff member.  I'll tell you why I did it.  These are young people, and they are engaged in what's happening to the country.  They are totally immersed in it.  They care deeply.  I was fascinated to find out what they think, to find out who, if anybody, they're blaming.  I wanted to find out where they thought they fit in all of this, meaning the country's future. 

I wanted to find out what their expectations were.  I did a little bit of that, and then I wrote my piece.  And one of the themes of my piece was, "Hey, don't expect people to listen to you just because you're young and involved and demanding to be heard."  I said, "Nobody has the right to be heard.  Nobody has the right to be listened to."  I said, "You have to make people want to listen to you."  That didn't sit well with some of them.  And then I said some other things.  I said, "Look, don't expect me just to get out of the way because you want something.  I mean, I still want to do what I want to do.  And if you want what I have, you're going to have take it from me."  Of course, that didn't sit well with some of them, either. 

It's fascinating.  This generational stuff, what their expectations are, it would be hard to say that everybody that posts and contributes to this website all want the same thing.  But there's a common ground of they live in America, and they believe things are possible, and the country's in trouble, and the old people have screwed it up.  And by gosh, we want what we want before this is all gone, and we can't get any.  Which I totally, by the way, understand.  But as one who doesn't have young kids running around, therefore I'm not exposed on a daily basis to what they think.  So that's why I said, okay, I'll do this.  So, anyway, at RushLimbaugh.com we've got the link to this website of Millennials, and if you're interested in it, it's a fun thing.

Obama's written a piece for 'em. Rand Paul wrote a piece for them after his filibuster. Barney Frank wrote a piece.  Every politician that's posted has been pandering out the wazoo. Like Barney Frank said, "Everything I'm doing, I'm doing for you Millennials."  Everybody else, "I'm doing it for you." It's fascinating to see these politicians try to get hold of this new demographic, "I'm doing everything I'm doing for you."  And my piece was, "I'm not gonna do anything for you.  It's up to you to do it for yourself."  And it was fun reading the posts to it. 

So, anyway, Koko Jr. has a link to my column there and then a link to the website in general, Policymic.com.  And all it is is a bunch of Millennials posting and contributing things on their own website about them and their generation.  I was asked to contribute to it, so I did.  I meant to mention this to you last week.  It just totally slipped my mind.


RUSH: Okay, the millennial website Policymic.com, it's m-i-c, Policy m-i-c. We in broadcasting spell the abbreviation for microphone "mic," m-i-c. We don't say m-i-k-e. So it's Policymic -- m-i-c -- dot.com.



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