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Rutgers Coach Can't Bully Players, But Left-Wing Professors Can Bully Christian or Conservative Students All Day Long


RUSH:  Okay, the AD at Rutgers has been canned along with the head basketball coach, so they're both gone.  The AD who hired the coach, the coach's name is Rice, Mike Rice is gone. The AD is Pernetti.  So the head coach Rice was cursing the players. He was yelling at the players, throwing basketballs at them in practice. He's screaming at them during games.  The call from faculty members and politicians to get rid of him grew louder yesterday, a day after he was fired for mistreating players, for shoving them.  He berated them with gay slurs, called them insulting gay names.  Sayonara, he's out of there.  And today the AD, athletic director, is gone. 

Now, granted, if you wanted to say that this was abuse of the players, you could.  Snerdley, I had not heard of this story 'til anybody else did. The video surfaced on ESPN. They'd had their 60 Minutes type show, Outside the Lines.  Were any of the players complaining publicly?  Some have written in his defense afterward?  What, some of the players are tweeting even now that the coach didn't deserve to be fired?  It got me to thinking.  You know, all of this hysteria about the players being screamed at, having basketballs thrown at them, insults thrown at them, it's not surprising that the left would be filled with hysterics over this. 

But, you know, folks, here I am in my Captain Stir It Up mode here.  The fact is that each and every day in some college campus all over this country these same outraged faculty members posing as educators are abusing potentially millions of college students by discounting, ridiculing, teasing, intimidating, threatening failure.  How many students are assaulted verbally by professors for ideological reasons?  We've had students call here over the course of this program, and we've all read stories about professors that intellectually berate students and so forth, mocked and made fun of if they're Christians.  And, by the way, stigmatized, pointed at in class if they hold Christian or conservative values, mocked, laughed, made fun of, because everybody knows the intent of modern propagandists -- educators -- today is to beat those ideas out of young skulls full of mush. 

I had a friend say to me, "You know what it really is, Rush, it's emotional waterboarding."  These leftist professors try to humiliate students that are Christians or conservatives. They mock 'em; they point 'em out; they torture 'em. They browbeat them into conformity.  They may not be throwing things at 'em.  They may not be physically shoving them, but they're calling 'em out, and they're laughing at 'em and they're making fun of 'em and they're humiliating 'em for what they believe.  And the worst of it is that what this does, this denies the free flow of all ideas that is vital to overall education. 

I mentioned yesterday, I literally laugh.  The average college student today has one thing he cares about, and that's legalizing marijuana.  And yet when you listen to these highfalutin educators talk about intellectual inquiry going on at the academy, there is no intellectual inquiry.  You ask the wrong thing at the academy, that's when you get shouted down.  That's when you got pointed at.  That's when you get laughed at and made fun of.  There is no intellectual inquiry.


RUSH: See, I got sidetracked.  It was gonna be a great monologue, too, on the abuse of conservative students in the academy.  And nobody ever gets fired for that abuse.  And no professor, no dean ever gets called out for that abuse.  But they'll get rid of a basketball coach, Bobby Knight, this guy Rice, whoever. 


RUSH:  I don't know how you pronounce her name, Kathy Boudin, the former Weather Underground domestic terrorist who's been hired at Columbia University in New York.  She's adjunct professor of social work, Columbia University School of Social Work.  She is a domestic terrorist.  She was a member of the Weather Underground.  She was convicted of murdering a cop.  She's been hired as an adjunct professor in the School of Social Work. 

Now, do you think this babe might bully some students?  She only killed a cop.  And Bill Ayers, who tried to blow up the Pentagon, he's been hired by universities.  You think there's not some abuse of students going on in our institutions of higher learning?  Nobody thinks a thing about it. 



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