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Why Not Just Agree with Democrats on Everything?


RUSH: Jimmy in Houston.  I'm glad you called, sir.  Great to have you on Open Line Friday.  Hi.

CALLER:  Great.  Thanks, Rush.  Hey, Rush, earlier in the show you mentioned the 2014 midterm elections, and I believe we need to have four big ideas, four commonsense ideas that have ubiquitous support across every party line.  Number one, education.  Rush, I believe that school choice, vouchers, and charter schools are a great idea to get behind and push for and I think that it's a great educational reform item.  Secondly, fiscal reform, economic reform.  Push to the state level welfare reform, allowing states -- some are starting to do this -- to test recipients for drug use in order to get their welfare benefits.  It's very easy, in terms of gaining support, I think it appeals to a lot of people.  Thirdly, government reform.  Totally eliminate earmarks.  That appeals to a lot of voters.  The low-information voter can get behind four big ideas.  And lastly, Rush, I think we need to push this whole gay rights decision to the state level. Allow states to make the decision, let people decide which state they want to live in, and we don't make it a federal issue.  So this is how I believe we get to the low-information voter with four big ideas.

RUSH:  So we push gay marriage to the states; we ban earmarks; we promote school choice and vouchers, and require drug tests for welfare recipients at state level. Those are the issues?

CALLER:  Four big ideas --

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  -- one each, very easy for the low-information voter to understand, it has --

RUSH:  Well, that's one thing.  What about having them agree with it?

CALLER:  You know what, I understand what you're saying, but I'm a sales guy.  Whether you make the sale or not, you come forward with a big idea.  And I think we've got nothing to lose in 2014.

RUSH:  Interesting.  Okay, look, I've gotta take a break here at the bottom of the hour.  I appreciate that.  I'll think about that.  'Cause before you start pooh-poohing stuff, folks, that stuff's better than agreeing with the Democrats on amnesty.


RUSH: By the way, speaking of legalizing marijuana, I've got a poll here.  I'm serious about this.  I've got a story here with the polling data that says a majority of students -- and it may be population-wide, maybe a majority of the American people -- want marijuana legalized. 

Now, wait.  Stick with me on this.  Did you see this?  There's a story on Breitbart:   "Republican National Committee Declare War on Conservative Grassroots."  I shoulda put this at the top.  It was at the top of the stack 'til the unemployment news hit today and it took pretense.  This deserves some attention.  Anyway, the majority of some group, maybe the whole population, wants marijuana legalized.  What a great issue for the Republican Party, to come out in support of that.  Well.  The Republican Party is being told that to get the Hispanic vote, you better do what they want.  Right?  Stick with me on this.  The Republican leadership is reacting this way as though, okay, they must.  The Republican Party is willing, apparently, to put aside their principles in the quest to get minority voters. 

So in the case of Hispanics, the media, the Democrats, are telling Republicans, "You guys had better get with it.  You better understand the Hispanic population of this country doesn't like your attitude on immigration.  They think you want to deport 'em. They think you don't like 'em. You better change, you better be accepting, you better support amnesty."  And the Republicans are doing what?  They're trying to make that happen, are they not?  I'm talking about at the RNC level, at the consultant level, they are doing everything they can, without saying it yet.  I mean, they're pushing immigration reform.  They're getting behind a Democrat bill that is all about amnesty.  Rubio excepted.  I'm not lumping him in there. 

Now, my only point is that if you are going to set aside principles or if, I should better state, if you are going to have floating principles because that is a sign of open-mindedness, and if you're going to set aside your principles on immigration and try to make the Hispanic population understand that you are supportive, why not go for the drug legalization vote?  I mean, you talk about getting the young people. You talk about getting the youths. You talk about wrapping up the Libertarians. You're talking about losing your base either way, either with immigration, with amnesty, with abortion, whatever.  The Republican establishment seems okay with losing the base.  But that's not even the point I'm trying to make.

Snerdley, you're looking at this as though I'm offering a way to win elections.  I'm not.  The Republicans want to be liked.  The Republicans don't want to be thought of as closed-minded, shortsighted, all that stuff.  Well, you and I think the goal is elections and the Republicans do, too, but the point is there's some Republican establishment types who actually have been made to believe that they can win elections if they also come out for some form of amnesty, and if they change their opinion on contraceptives and all these things, there are Republicans who think they lost last November because of these issues.

All I'm saying is, if they are willing to be flexible on that, and you've got a poll here that says a majority of some group of voters wants to legalize marijuana, why not come out for that?  "Well, no, Rush, I mean, now we're talking drugs.  We're not gonna compromise on our principles on drugs."  Well, why?  I mean, you're compromising principles on social issues.  What's the difference?  If this is what it takes to win elections.  I'm just asking a rhetorical question here.  I'm not advocating anything.  Don't anybody misunderstand.  I'm just asking a rhetorical question.  


RUSH: Ashley in Marshall, Minnesota, welcome to EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Being in Minnesota, the legislature is going through a bill now that would allow undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.


CALLER: The bill would also authorize state schools to give private financial aid to students affected by this law.

RUSH: Yes. It's not just Minnesota. This is another thing. It's offering cheaper tuition to illegal aliens and their children than to natural born citizens, right? That's the idea?


RUSH: Now, what explains that? What do you think explains that?

CALLER: Um... (sigh) Probably a lot of things. I mean, you know, in Minnesota for the first time in 20 years, the DFL actually has complete control of the state capitol.

RUSH: That's the Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party, folks. That's Hubert Humphrey's bunch, and Walter Mondull's. They're a bunch of leftists is what you need to know about that. Yeah.


RUSH: But still, okay, you've got these DFL guys and they're sitting there and they're thinking, "All right, let's do this." What are they hoping to achieve here? What is the goal? What's the point here of banning "illegal immigrant" from the stylebook or now, today, "Islamist"? My point is, we've gone beyond bias here and just political choice. It's infiltration, something doesn't make any sense. There's no real world common sense. Something else going on here. I don't mean conspiratorially. It's just, "Why?" Is it we feel so guilty, that these DFLers feel so guilty at the way illegals have been treated that here? "Please, don't think so poorly of us. We're gonna let you come to school cheaper than anybody else." What could possibly explain this?

CALLER: I don't know, but the senator in Minnesota said that she has been working on this for at least ten years, and she thinks that -- well, she's arguing that -- Minnesota's economy depends on educated workforce and that this would benefit everybody. I don't see how it could benefit everybody. I mean, that's like an American going over to a foreign country and not paying any taxes, going to school for free, and getting a discounted college education.

RUSH: Okay. So I'm gonna answer my question for you. You have some people -- and by the way, Ashley, this is happening everywhere, not just Minnesoooota. It's happening everywhere, and it's being brought to you by people that have a real chip on their shoulder about this country. They believe this country has been unfair and discriminatory and almost violative of people of color, and this is about making amends. This is about making them feel better about themselves, feel like good people. But this is about the fact that they think this country is immoral and unjust, and all this stuff about needing a workforce and all that? That's just window dressing to sell it to people who otherwise would oppose it and make it harder to oppose it. People who want to tear down country as founded and rebuild it are the kind of people doing this. By the way, I'm gonna tell you: The DREAM Act is probably going to contain things like this. 



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