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CNN: Halle Berry to Fight Hunger
RUSH:So I'm watching CNN. It says here that Halle Berry has decided to fight hunger. That's all it says. What is she gonna do, start gorging herself? What does that mean? If I were gonna fight hunger, I'd start eating.

Mass Stabbing on Texas College Campus
RUSH: The latest I've heard now is 14 total victims in the stabbing on the Texas college campus: 12 people taken to hospitals, 14 total victims. I don't know how many stabbers. I don't know if it's multiple stabbers. I don't know if it's multiple knives. I don't know if the NKA, the National Knife Association, has released a statement. We're waiting on that. But we do know that there are 14 victims, 12 people taken to hospitals on a Texas college campus. It's in Houston, multiple stabbings, but that's it. We're still digging deep here to find out how many stabbers. Knifers? What do you call 'em? Perps?

Fed-Up Teacher's Resignation Letter Goes Viral
RUSH: So on April 6th, the Washington Post has a blog: The Answer Sheet. What happened here is a teacher resigned, and wrote a resignation letter. The resignation letter surfaced on the Internet about a week ago, and it has since gone viral. It was first published by a Syracuse, New York, paper. Washington Post by Valerie Strauss, April 6, 2013: "Increasingly teachers are speaking out against school reforms that they believe are demeaning their profession, and some are simply quitting because they have had enough.

"Here is one resignation letter from a veteran teacher, Gerald J. Conti, a social studies teacher at Westhill High School in Syracuse, NY." I'm not gonna read the whole resignation letter 'cause it's quite lengthy. Let me read you some excerpts. "With regard to my profession, I have truly attempted to live John Dewey's famous quotation (now likely cliche with me, I've used it so very often) that 'Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.'

"This type of total immersion is what I have always referred to as teaching 'heavy,' working hard, spending time, researching, attending to details and never feeling satisfied that I knew enough on any topic. I now find that this approach to my profession is not only devalued, but denigrated and perhaps, in some quarters despised. STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Coalition] rules the day and 'data driven' education seeks only conformity, standardization, testing and a zombie-like adherence to the shallow and generic Common Core, along with a lockstep of oversimplified so-called Essential Learnings.

"Creativity, academic freedom, teacher autonomy, experimentation and innovation are being stifled in a misguided effort to fix what is not broken in our system of public education and particularly not at Westhill," this school. So, the teacher, Mr. Conte, is writing about how he's gotta indoctrinate people. He's not allowed to teach 'em. "Lockstep," "oversimplified so-called Essential Learnings," "shallow and generic Common Core, creativity," independent thinking. None of this is permitted.

"My profession is being demeaned by a pervasive atmosphere of distrust, dictating that teachers cannot be permitted to develop and administer their own quizzes and tests (now titled as generic 'assessments') or grade their own students' examinations. ... After writing all of this I realize that I am not leaving my profession, in truth, it has left me. It no longer exists. I feel as though I have played some game halfway through its fourth quarter, a timeout has been called, my teammates' hands have all been tied, the goal posts moved, all previously scored points and honors expunged and all of the rules altered.

"For the last decade or so, I have had two signs hanging above the blackboard at the front of my classroom, they read, 'Words Matter' and 'Ideas Matter.' While I still believe these simple statements to be true, I don't feel that those currently driving public education have any inkling of what they mean." So here you have a public school teacher who's saying STEM -- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics -- rule the day. It's data-driven education that seeks conformity, standardization.

There is no creativity. There's no improvisation, and there really isn't any learning because there's no teaching taking place. All it is, is indoctrination, and so he quit. His name is Gerald Conti, Social Studies Department Leader at the Westhill Central School District in Syracuse, New York. Now, as I say, that resignation letter's gone viral all over the Internet. By the way, STEM, you'll have to forgive me for not knowing, folks. I know the general problems in education. They're simple to understand and know. But I don't have a child in school and the details of STEM.

I have found out what it is now. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Basically it refers to the interrelated reform issues that pertain to teaching all four of these disciplines. It basically is just agenda-oriented education, ideologically agenda-oriented education. This guy's had his fill of it because, to him, there isn't teaching anymore, and nobody's learning anything. I find that really interesting, the signs on his blackboard, "Words matter" and "Ideas matter," because they don't anymore. And, boy is that ever true! Words mean things? No, they don't. Not anymore.

"Marriage" doesn't mean what it means.

"Infertility" now doesn't mean what it meant, and any number of words.





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