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"The fact that McConnell's office was bugged -- which led, theoretically, to the resignation of a president in the past -- is celebrated and applauded by the media. Here's the victim, Mitch McConnell, whose office was illegally bugged, and he's the Cyanide Barrenheart today. He's the evildoer. To the low-information voter who has run across this story, Mitch McConnell is the embodiment of evil today."

"Yeah, yeah, sequester soul train. Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna get to that... Everybody has their favorite thing they want me to talk about. I can't mention everything in the first five minutes. Well, I can mention it, but that's all I can do."

"Jay Rockefeller, senator, West Virginia, one of the towering architects of Obamacare, yesterday openly criticized program managers of Obamacare for not moving quickly enough to build it. Jay Rockefeller warning that if it gets off to a bumpy start, it's just gonna get worse. Well, it already has gotten off to a bumpy start. There aren't any reductions in premiums. You don't get to keep your doctor. The exchanges are an absolute disaster already."

"We got a country in decay, we have a dying country, and there's the president partying down the day after -- I still, ladies and gentlemen, I still can't believe that the president of the United States actually said 'we've got to make it harder to gun down our kids'."

"Obama is not seen as governing. Obama is not seen as having any responsibility for what is happening to the economy, to the military, to the banking business, the culture. Whatever is happening in the country, he's seen as still trying to fix it. He's seen as still fighting what's going wrong. He's seen as still campaigning against all this bad stuff and trying to stop it and reverse it. Now he submits a budget with entitlement cuts. They see his fingerprints on Social Security and Medicare cuts, and they are livid. And it's real. "

"Snerdley says, 'Baseball, that's...' Did you say 'Latin-American guys'? (interruption) 'Spanish guys play baseball. Football is black guys. Football or basketball, that's black guys.' Right? 'Hockey. Hockey is white guys.' (interruption) 'Boxing is mostly Spanish guys now. There are still some brothers in boxing. So it's just the way it's evolved, and it ain't cool to play baseball because Spanish guys that play it.' Okay. "

"The left can make fun of conservatives, and they can use all the unapproved language 'cause they're the left, and they're incapable of doing anything wrong."

"So Melissa Harris-Perry, she's not off the reservation. She's not some loon, wacko left extremist. She is mainstream Democrat thought, and she's being paid big bucks at Tulane to teach your kids, her students, this same gobbledygook. And Columbia University just hired convicted terrorist, right? Yeah, Weather Underground, Kathy Boudin. She's a murderer."

"Do you think the majority of people in this country, the majority of parents really think that their kids aren't theirs? Do you think the majority of parents think that kids ought to be enrolled in public school at age four so they can save expenses? This is really hideous stuff, but it is what goes as mainstream thinking in the Democrat Party."

"Liberals are the ones who are tolerant, you see, and they are the ones who are all about diversity. But nothing that was said -- at least on the bugged recordings -- by McConnell's staff seems to be wrong or inaccurate. So what's the complaint? The complaint is that they were thinking it."

"The complaint is they were thinking about saying it! The complaint is they were thinking about using this to defeat Ashley Judd, and that's not fair. It's mean-spirited. It's racism. It's sexism, and it's the War on Women -- and it's typical of what rich white guys do."

"Privately, but overheard by an illegal wiretap. Not one reporter referred to the tape as illegal. They just refer to it as 'shocking, just released audiotapes aimed at taking down Ashley Judd.' Why, how dare anyone do that. How dare anyone try to beat Ashley Judd."

"Now Obama, as far as they are concerned, has attached himself to Medicare cuts and Social Security cuts, and he's out making nice with the Republicans. And do not doubt me when I tell you how literally ticked off they are, these trolls that make up the extreme Obama voter base. They're out there trolling all these websites, and they're plastering comments all over Twitter, and they're everywhere... And they are livid."

"It's entirely justified, Mitch, because you're a mean, rotten SOB. You were planning on beating Ashley Judd. How dare you. And in addition to beating her, you were gonna use her own words. You were gonna really make fun of her by simply quoting her. You were gonna really make her look silly, Mitch. That's what you're not gonna be forgiven for. You were gonna make her look like a fool by quoting her. How dare you!"

"Obama's not gonna cut Social Security. Now, he did cut Medicare in Obamacare, he did do that, but that didn't stick. At the time it happened, we couldn't make any Democrat voter believe it. In order to keep Obamacare's magical, mythical price tag under a trillion dollars, there was a $712 billion cut in Medicare, and it was real."

"It's been conveyed to me that when I get revved up like this, that I scare 24-, 25-year-old women. They don't like this kind of ratcheted up talk."

"Here you have Mitch McConnell's office illegally bugged and the media upset that people continue to characterize it that way. They want to be able to say this is just leaked audio tapes... It may be too complicated for the low-information crowd to figure out."

"Obama's trying to rope Republicans in with meager little, practically nonexistent cuts to get them to totally cave on their principles, but the low-information people don't see that. These are people that are totally dependent on government. They've got nothing else."


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