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NY Police Confiscating Firearms from People Taking Anti-Anxiety Meds
RUSH: Biden is out there making fun of the black helicopter crowd rather than answer a serious question about Obama administration policy on guns. They asked him, "Wait a minute, if you're going to require a background check and registration for every purchase of a gun, how is this not national gun registration?" And Biden comes out with some insulting answer about, "Well, we're gonna swoop down in the black helicopters and we're gonna find out where you are and who you are."  We got that audio sound bite coming up.

"The New York State Police are suspending the handgun permits of people in the state who are prescribed anti-anxiety medication, according to Jim Tresmond of the Tresmond Law Firm in Hamburg, New York. 'We are representing a client right now who is impacted by this onerous activity of the government. We were flummoxed by this whole matter. The HIPPA act is supposed to prevent this kind of thing from happening. It’s a gross invasion of our privacy rights.'"

What he's talking about is the New York cops are gonna confiscate guns from everybody taking anti-anxiety medication. Now, the question is how do they know who's taking anti-anxiety medication? How do they know that? Well, obviously they're getting pharmacy records, and that's what the lawyer means by HIPAA. The HIPAA act is supposed to prevent this. I remember the first time I had ever heard of HIPAA. I went to the doctor for something and before they would do something, they said, "You gotta sign this."

I said, "What is it?"

"It's HIPAA."

I said, "What's that?"

"Well, you're agreeing that we can't give your medical records to anybody except for some sort of emergency," whatever it was. They led me to believe that it was a privacy thing limiting what they could do with my medical records, but at the same time graduating them permission to share them in certain circumstances. The whole thing was pushed as a privacy thing. Now, I have a little personal experience with medical records being procured by the authorities, and obviously that's what's happened here. So if you happen to be in New York City and you are taking anti-anxiety meds... what is a brand name of a drug for anti-anxiety? Prozac? Xanax, Ativan, Adderall?

Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman: Half of NFL Uses Adderall
RUSH: Adderall is an NFL performance drug.

You didn't hear that? Richard Sherman, cornerback, Seattle Seahawks, got suspended for four games for taking Adderall. It's an amphetamine. It's for ADHD and narcolepsy. It's an amphetamine. It's speed. It bumps up the adrenaline level. It makes you more alert and so forth. And he said half the league is on it.

Richard Sherman of the Seahawks said half the league, half the NFL, is taking Adderall. He said the league may as well go ahead and legalize it because everybody's taking it. (interruption) I don't know if that's why they have to send in the signals. Oh, by the way, did you hear? Speaking of professional sports,

Beyonce and Jay-Z Do Cuba
RUSH: Yeah, I saw Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba. It's just... I don't know. They got Jay-Z down there puffing on a cigar, wearing a Che Guevara shirt. Beyonce with her hairstyle such a... I don't know what that was. It looked like a hairstyle designed to catch bees. We're told that we have to look at this from the Cuban people's standpoint. "These are a couple of celebrities! This is a great statement of American culture, to have these two icons down there. This gives the Cuban people hope."

What do you mean, it gives the Cuban people hope? They don't get to leave with Jay-Z and Beyonce! It may be cool for Jay-Z and Beyonce to be strolling the street, but when they leave it ain't a good day, because the Cubans have to stay. I don't know. If there were pictures of me strolling in Cuba, there would be people trying to put me in jail for it. Not just me. I don't want to personalize it. Just anybody. But they're down there, and what it is... To hell with the Cuban people's perspective, what about here?

It's making a communist dictatorship look like a paradise! It's nothing more than these two going down there and basically giving a stamp of approval for a dictatorship. That's what it is, and Obama and his sequester cuts? I think it's decadent. I think it's irresponsible. I think it is a thumb of the nose for Obama to be throwing all these parties in the midst of all this while he's out there having a grand yuk-yuk time basically saying, "Look what I can do that you can't!"

All these performers falling in with him? I think it's low rent. I don't think there's anything presidential about this. I think it's a guy taking advantage of the perks of office to have a good time while who cares what's going on around him. (interruption) You disagree with that, or do you think there's some legitimate cultural contribution being made here? (interruption) It is. It's royalty. It's the Celebrity of the United States. It's Obama and Moochelle (My Belle) and... (interruption)

That's right. Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of Obama's court, the jesters or whatever, down there.

Washington State Sues Florist for Refusing Gay Marriage Service
RUSH: Washington state, the state of Washington, has sued a florist over refusing service for a gay wedding on religious grounds.  "The state attorney general has filed a lawsuit in Benton County Superior Court against a Richland florist who refused to provide flowers for the wedding of longtime gay customers, citing her religious opposition to same-sex marriage.  The state’s suit against Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts, came just days after the Attorney General’s Office wrote to ask that Stutzman reconsider her position and agree to comply with the state’s anti-discrimination laws."

I saw this on a website, Riehl World News, but it's from the Seattle Times.  The state is suing a single florist, a small business, because of her desire to exercise her religious freedom.  It's just the beginning.  We can't even imagine the kind of lawsuits that are gonna take place here over this gay marriage business. 



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