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Pearls of Wisdom

"While Obama is parading these people everywhere and urging them to speak to everybody, the victims from Benghazi are still being told to be quiet, to shut up, to not ask anymore questions. "

"The TMZ network is very, very concerned over this Jay-Z rap video. They convened a panel discussion of noted entertainment journalists to discuss whether or not the Jay-Z rap video actually is harmful to President Obama. I kid you not."

"I have so much of a greater appreciation and understanding for the people who have this diagnosis. And I marvel at everybody I've known who has been diagnosed with a blood cancer, some other kind of cancer, they rally, and they try to assure everybody else not to worry about 'em."

"Life is busy. There are daily concerns and obligations that have to be met, and to take time to think about how precious and special a human life is that you only get one, and that every wasted minute is lost. You can't get it back."

"Kids with the most common form of leukemia are up to a long-term survival rate now of over 90%, and despite that it's still the leading cause of death by disease in kids 14 and under. It's not guns. It's not 32-ounce sodas. It's not secret tape-recordings in Kentucky. It's not rap videos. It's leukemia."

"Carney said The Norks do not have nukes... I don't know who told them, Dennis Rodman, John Kerry, maybe, but that's the official line now."

"TMZ was having a McLaughlin Group style discussion of whether or not Jay-Z told the truth in his rap tune about having cigars with Castro. Castro doesn't smoke cigars anymore, at least not in public. He gave it all up publicly."

"I think it's shameless, shameful, this regime, the way they use victims, poor people as props and pawns. I just saw that a parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook is gonna give the weekly presidential address on Saturday. It's shameful."

"Economic times are tough, everybody knows, 90 million people left the workforce, for crying out loud. There are financial pressures on everybody. That's why it's so profound what you all do every year. In the midst of all of that, you still set records. "

"Obama asked this mother of a six-year-old who was killed at Newtown to stand in for him and do the presidential address, the radio address, the Internet address on Saturday"

"These parents in from Newtown, Connecticut, are being shepherded. They've got handlers. They are being walked to offices, talking to senators. They're being shepherded and guided by administration officials, and they are lobbying."

"When it comes to Benghazi, there aren't gonna be any questions. Because there's nothing politically there that Obama wants. But Obama wants gun control, he wants massive new gun control legislation, and so here come the parents from Newtown flying in on Air Force One, and they're lobbying senators."

"I am opposed to Obama's efforts to destroy the American economy. I'm opposed to Obama's efforts to so-called fix the health care system. I'm opposed to the way Obama wants to go about fixing unemployment."

"My point is that everything Adam Lanza did is already illegal and, by the way, none of what is in Obama's new proposals would have stopped him. There is no new law that is proposed that would have stopped him"

"Joe Biden is on CNN thanking MSNBC and CNN for all the two networks have done in getting out their message for gun control. Both Biden and Senator Manchin said, in effect, they couldn't have done it without MSNBC and CNN. So the networks are lobbyists, too."

"All weekend long you can invest in this fight against blood cancer and help save lives. When the program ends, it does not mean that the donation venues shut down."


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