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Guest Host: Douglas Urbanski

The North Korea Threat

"If you were watching the mainstream media, which the low-information voters barely even do that, you would not have a clue that the United States of America and our allies in Japan and South Korea are under threat of a nuclear attack." - Urbanski

• AP: North Korea Marks Founder's Birthday Amid Threats of War
• NYT: Kerry Says North Korea Talks Are Possible, but Hints at Conditions
• WT: North Korea Talks Hinge on Ending Nuclear Plan; China Sides with US on Concerns

Hollywood's Revisionist History

"One of the things that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher understood profoundly: Evil never recedes of it's own accord. It takes brave people to articulate clearly what is going on and to fight back and to never, ever let up." -Urbanski

• AceShowbiz: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks Team Up for Mikhail Gorbachev Biopic
• Guardian: Margaret Thatcher Funeral: Big Ben to be Silenced as Mark of Respect

Tax Day Takeaway

"All taxes are bad. Even if the government started to itemize services, it would be a colossal failure. If the government wages war or builds bridges, fine, but apart from those things, government in general is extremely inefficient." -Urbanski

• Bloomberg: French and EU Financial Transaction Taxation: "Grasp All, Lose All"?
• Reuters: Lew Says US Still Opposed to Financial Transaction Tax
• The Hill: IRS: We Can Read Emails Without Warrant
• Fox: IRS Denies Using Emails to Target Taxpayers
• Daily News: Too Big a Bill, Maher?

"We don't really get a lot back for the huge amount of taxes that those who are productive are paying. You have crumbling cities, roads and highways in need of work, pampered public servants, and an education system turning out a product that is brainwashed into leftism." -Urbanski

More Stories Discussed on Today's Program...

• Guardian: 42 Depicts Jackie Robinson's Struggles as MLB Marks Baseball Integration
• CNSNews: Bloomberg: If You Sell a Gun to Your Son, 'There's Something Wrong in Your Family'
• WP: The Incredible Shrinking Labor Force, in One Chart

"In Canada you have more choice for your pet when it comes to veterinary care than you do for a human being." -Urbanski


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