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"Folks, I'm just reminding you what I do. I get up, I look, I listen, I read. I see the things, the people and institutions I believe in under assault again, and I come here and defend them. I am purely in a defensive posture today, as is the case every day."

"I wanted to extend yet another heartfelt thank-you from all of us here at the EIB Network and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for America, another awesome Cure-A-Thon."

"There are a bunch of celebrated Americans today -- former terrorists, Bill Ayers, Kathy Boudin, any number of them -- who began by bombing people, and they are now heralded. They are exalted. The left politicizes everything, but is it untrue to say that this how Bill Ayers got his start?"

"Even in this depressed economy, even with all of the unrest and the unease that's out there, we came in at the same amount as last year, and folks, I don't know how to tell you.  That is astounding. It literally is mind-blowing, and I just wanted to take a brief moment here at the top to thank everybody again for all of their donations and their assistance, all of your help in making this a reality. "

"Of course it's terrorism! You have two bombs in pressure cookers with shrapnel in there. They were in pressure cookers in black bags. Of course this is terrorism, regardless who did it."

"Do you know who the most militant extremist groups in America are today, folks? Do you know who it is? Environmental wacko groups are the number one group. They are leftists, and the environmentalist wackos are the number one (or close to it, anyway) terror group"

"No amount of money or lack of it was gonna stop this response from taking place yesterday. So Barney Frank takes the occasion of this bombing to once again make his pitch for more government spending, more government growth, as they do indeed politicize everything on the left."

"What in this law, the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer gun control bill in the Senate, enhances your ability to defend yourself when confronted by a madman? Nothing!"

"Running has never made me happy, but that's another thing. Running is the most arduous thing anybody's ever made me do."

"The only people being asked to give up their guns are the people who do not commit crimes with them. By definition, the law-abiding. Because, by definition, criminals are gonna find a way to get guns, or knives, or what have you, no matter the law."

"The problem is gun-free zones, gun control laws end up being obeyed by people who won't hurt you anyway. They make people and places less safe. Criminals don't follow rules, by definition. We can have all the new gun control laws in the world. All they're gonna do is take guns away from people who are not criminals in the first place, and it's gonna make everybody less able to defend themselves, less able to protect themselves."

"It's just a good thing The Democrats hate guns. It's just a compassionate, big-hearted thing to hate anything that's an instrument of violence. Except for the people who engage in it, then we're gonna find excuses for them."

"I am the mayor of Realville, and science is not up to a vote. It either is or isn't... Global warming doesn't exist because a consensus of scientists agree. Man-made global warming either is happening or it isn't, but it isn't up to a vote."

"My point is that a sane person would look at what happened in the Boston as a failure of government. Barney Frank's out there talking about it as a success."

"Background check on the pressure cooker? May happen.  Do the mentally ill use pressure cookers?  I'm trying to think. I think, you know, when I was growing up, I saw one.  I think my grandmother had a pressure cooker. If I'm not mistaken, I saw one being used. It was on the top of her stove. I didn't know she was so dangerous."

"The left is not happy that the sequester has not caused the end of the world, either. The sequester was supposed to cause a bunch of disasters, but it hasn't."


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