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Frequent Texters are Shallow Racists?

RUSH: "People Who Text Frequently Tend To Be More Racist, Shallow."  Did you know that?  CBS News Cleveland: "A new study indicates that people who engage in text messaging tend to be more racist and shallow than their less technologically savvy counterparts.
Researchers at the University of Winnipeg found that young people are specifically susceptible to the trend, according to the Edmonton Journal. The study was conducted by observing 2,300 psychology students for three years."  Psychology students. 

People who text frequently tend to be more racist and more shallow.  They are unprincipled, have low ethics, and they are poor thinkers.  So I imagine the same thing is true of you tweeters because you communicate in short bursts as well.  And that's what their complaint is.  No, I'm not making this up.  It's CBS Cleveland. 

"Ultra-brief social media like texting and Twitter encourages rapid, relatively shallow thought and consequently very frequent daily use of such media should be associated with cognitive and moral shallowness," which is how we get racism. 

Obama Effective Tax Rate was 17%, El Rushbo’s was 32%...

RUSH: Yesterday -- and I've often said this -- if everybody had to write a check to pay their taxes like I did, and like all of you who are self-employed did, this spending problem in Washington would disappear.  Did you see, by the way, President Obama's effective tax rate was 18%.  You know what my effective tax rate was?  Thirty-two.  My effective tax rate was 32%.  I ran the numbers.  Obama's effective tax rate's 18%.  He's the guy out there complaining and bellyaching that people like him aren't paying enough taxes.  Barack Obama and Clinton and all, they're running around saying they don't need any more money, that they're making plenty of money, they don't worry about tax increases, and they're doing everything they can to get their effective tax rate down.  Eighteen percent. 

I've often believed, and I've said it, that Mitt Romney's effective tax rate was higher than Obama's.  Remember how Obama went after Romney and Harry Reid went after Romney for not paying their taxes, and Obama's effective tax rate is 18%.  You can't do that, folks.  Mine was 32%.  Anyhoo, I've often said if people actually wrote the check to pay their taxes, that we would have a vastly different tax system.  Reagan knew this.  Reagan knew, as you and I do, big government's not the answer.  You and each and every one of you is the answer. 



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