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Regime Slashed Domestic Bombing Prevention Budget by 45% (But Obama's Doing a Heckuva Job on This Bombing)

RUSH: Now, you will not see this reported anywhere in the American media today. Even though it's appeared in the UK Daily Mail, nobody in the American media is gonna pick this up because it doesn't fit the narrative... If you listen to the Democrats talk about this, they think that government did a great job here.  They're out praising the role of government.  They want everybody to think the government's done a bang-up, great job here.  

The Public is with Us, But GOP Still Allows Left to Lead on Gun Control, Immigration

RUSH: There's an opportunity here for the Republican Party to identify with 96% of the American people on a fundamental constitutional issue, a freedom issue, a liberty issue, a civil rights issue: gun control. Ninety-six percent of the people do not want this.  And, instead, the Republicans go along, allow the left, allow Obama to push this agenda...  And it is the same thing with immigration.  


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