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"Here's the latest, folks.  The suspect is being described now as dark but light-skinned heavy-set thin with brownish blonde hair with dark roots, a young-old person, bisexual, transgendered female, who is sometimes male, wearing a backwards cap, who looks like a white male."

"I'm looking at Wolf Blitzed up there on CNN. He's got a beard going... There's a story out there, I need to ask you women about this. A man with a beard is the sexiest thing going right now. Mustache or beard, sexy. Makes a guy look young, virile, sexy, and actually it's healthier than not having a beard."

"What do the Democrats do? Politicize it, blame budget cuts for this. Aimed right at low-information voters. Low-information voters are supposed to hear this and conclude, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, see, that's what happens. That's what happens when right-wingers get anti-government and cut spending, then terrorists have free rein to blow us up. Yeah, man, that's how it works." That's the pitch."

"I never open the newspaper, never, I never go to a website, I never turn on the TV hoping to find something I can attack. It isn't what I do. I defend."

"The left does not want this bomber to be a minority or Al-Qaeda or a Muslim or terrorist. The left wants the bomber to be white and conservative."

"The Fort Hood shooting, they called it 'workplace violence.' Oh, no, no, no. Fort Hood shooting? No, no, no! Nothing more than workplace violence."

"The Obama administration cut the budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45%... Now, you will not see this reported anywhere in the American media today. Even though it's appeared in the UK Daily Mail, nobody in the American media is gonna pick this up because it doesn't fit the narrative that a Tea Party extremist did this."

"What's amazing to me, honestly, folks, what's amazing to me is if you listen to the Democrats talk about this, they think that government did a great job here."

"Not only did the government, the Department of Homeland Security, not stop this terrorist attack in Boston, in fact, they still do not have a clue as to how or why it happened... So here's Deval Patrick, they don't have a clue, nothing was stopped, they don't know why it happened. 'Obama is great. He called us. Obama is on the case. He's asking what we need, my God, Obama cares, what a great guy.'"

"The Gosnell trial hasn't received much coverage until now.  The reason it hasn't is the narrative in abortion. There's only one story in abortion the left covers.  There's only one story in abortion they care about. That narrative is 'the erosion of reproductive rights.'"

"Are you liberals out there hoping that the four Americans in Benghazi were killed by white Americans, too? Is that why we're not getting any information about what happened there? Are you still waiting for some white American to blame that on?"

"The government is unable to stop these kind of things. They stop some of them when the bad guys screw up and do something stupid, but they're not able to stop all of these things. No matter what they do, they can't stop all of them. They can pass laws. They can make phone calls, can install cameras, but they can't stop everything. We have to be able to defend ourselves first."

"The Democrats are out trying to equate tax increases and government spending with security. That's not how it happens.... What I'm opposing here is the presumption, the idea that this happened because the government isn't big enough, that this happened because the government doesn't have enough money. That's BS."

"The Democrats want to present this utopian vision where all of this can be stopped -- if only the government were big enough, if only we had more money, if only the government had more power... That's bogus. That is dishonest, it's misdirection, and it is an unfair take advantage of an absolute tragedy to advance a political agenda."

"There is nothing in the Senate gun control bill that would have stopped what happened in Newtown."

"Republicans and Democrats are obsessed with making sure that illegal aliens are granted citizenship. The American people are not. They're concerned about jobs, the economy, debt. They're concerned about a plundering country. They're concerned about a decaying, dying country."

"The left does not want this bomber to be a minority or an Al-Qaeda or a Muslim or terrorist. The left wants the bomber to be white and conservative. So if a liberal in Boston happens to know that the bomber is not a white American, will the liberal tell the FBI?"



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