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Babes Dig Beards Like Wolf Blitzer's?

RUSH: I'm looking at Wolf Blitzed up there on CNN.  He's got a beard going.  There's a story out there today, I didn't print it out. I don't know where it's from, but there's a story out there, I need to ask you women about this. A man with a beard is the sexiest thing going right now.  Mustache or beard, sexy. Makes a guy look young, virile, sexy, and actually it's healthier than not having a beard.  I got this story here. 

Interesting Column on Tiger Woods

RUSH: I read an interesting theory about Tiger Woods that may be relatable here.  I'll have to think about it before I share it with you.  It's what happens when you face adversity if you have nothing to fall back on, no family, no religion, no principles. If you have nothing to hold you up during the adversity, where are you?  You're lost.  This is Dr. Harry Edwards, the noted sociologist from Berkeley.  He was the race coach for the 49ers, bald-headed guy with a beard.  That's his theory.  You don't have religion to fall back on during the adversity, if you have no family to fall back on, if you've got no principles to fall back on, then you're lost. 


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