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Obama Flashes Anger After Senate Democrats Let His Anti-Gun Bill Fail

RUSH: Wouldn't it be great if you saw him get that kind of mad when Americans are killed?  He didn't get that mad after Benghazi.  He didn't get anywhere near that mad after what happened in Boston.  But let his gun control bill go down in the Senate, this guy blows a gasket.  He literally blew a gasket.  And I know why he blew a gasket.  Because this gun control bill was supposed to fail in the House so he could blame it on Republicans. 

EIB Interview: Why, Senator Rubio?

RUSH: I don't understand why we're doing something that the Democrats are salivating over. I've never agreed with Senator Schumer about anything and I'm being told that I should on this.  I'm just having a tough time.  I look at what happened in California after the last amnesty. 

This Immigration Bill Just Makes No Sense

RUSH: I happen to like Senator Rubio very much. He's a force of nature. He's a force of energy. Folks, he is a genuine conservative and full-throatedly, full-heartedly, wholeheartedly believes in it. He really does. The bill itself, however? I'm never gonna understand it. I'm never gonna understand the thinking here.


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