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Mark Steyn Guest Hosts!

Mark filled in from Ice Station EIB in New Hampshire. Check out Mark's Stack for links, audio clips and more. Rush returns on Monday, April 22nd.

"The wish to immediately turn your political opponents into deranged, nut killers -- into enemies of the state -- is as psychologically unhealthy as any of the balderdash from these Chechen loons with all their Marxist ideology." -Steyn

Why Are These Guys Here?

"The state that fired the shot heard around the world has now gone to one million people sheltering in place on orders of the governor. Why?  What is the purpose of an immigration system?" -Steyn

Rush Was Right: Media Circles Wagons Around Islam

"If it turns out that a Muslim bombed the Boston marathon, everyone in the media will circle the wagons and say, 'This is not because of Islam. This is a lone bad actor, lone wolf,' and remind us the vast majority of Muslims denounce this kind of terror.  However, if it turns out that whoever did this has either a real or imagined connection to conservatism, everyone in the media will unite to denounce the whole group. There will not be the same treatment." -Rush

Taking a Closer Look at Our Immigration Policy

"These brothers are the products of the Massachusetts public school system." -Steyn

More Stories Discussed on Today's Program...

Slate: Meet the Muslims Quoted, Cited, and Favorited by the Boston Bombing Suspects


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