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"The purpose of mainstream media today is to make sure that whoever's watching is convinced that whatever conservatives think about something isn't true."

"If not for this guy being a smoker, if not for this guy being forced to the backyard to smoke his cigarette, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might still be in that boat bleeding out. He might not have been caught if it hadn't been for that smoker."

"Reverend Wright, I can see him in sermon: 'Obama's Cheeeechens have come home to roost.'"

" It is an interesting point about the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals will tell you what's wrong with the country from the founding. Conservatives will say what's wrong with the country because of liberals, while telling you what's great about the country -- if the liberals would move out of the way.

"You don't have to go to Pakistan or Afghanistan or Iraq to be radicalized against America. To me, you can be radicalized against America right here in America. You can be radicalized against America in American schools. You can be radicalized in America against America by watching American television and movies and websites. You can be radicalized by professors, many of them former bombers themselves, many of them with grievances against this country. You don't need to go outside this country to be radicalized against it."

"I'm telling you, a carbon tax is the fastest route to a global tax, which is what these guys want."

"The president does not believe in military tribunals. The president does not believe in any of that. The Fort Hood guy, workplace violence. This is gonna be a civilian trial. Being Mirandized means you don't have to answer any questions. No, can't waterboard him, can't waterboard him. Not that we would anyway. What would the world think?"

"On The Amazing Race last night the contestant Max failing to correctly identify who said, 'Tear down this wall.' He said Kennedy. It was Reagan. When he found out it was Reagan he said, 'I'm so embarrassed. Reagan is my favorite president. I'm definitely a cigar-chomping Republican conservative. Rush would be really upset with me for missing that.' Well, Max, yeah, I might have been, but not now, because you have helped in the outreach to the low-information voter immeasurably. Way to go."

"It was a tough week for Obama. For Obama, a testing, trying, emotional week. People had their limbs blown off. A child is dead. And Obama had a tough week. Wow."

"Ira Einhorn is being celebrated today by environmentalist wackos because this is Earth Day. Bill Ayers, former domestic terrorist, homemade bombs, his weapon of choice. Ira Einhorn, cofounder, Earth Day, convicted murderer. Another highly respected, honored leftist icon. By the way, again, Ira Einhorn supports a carbon tax."

"While all this was going on, elected officials were gathered in Washington with another scheme to take even more action on gun control against law-abiding citizens."

"Did you hear President Obama's remarks on the Boston bombings? His heart was really in it when he was lecturing us about not rushing to judgment... Isn't that good of him to remind us of that? Kind of like the way he never rushed to judgment about George Zimmerman or the Boston cop."

"The LA Times is reporting that the Tsarnaevs attended services at the Islamic Center of Boston mosque in Cambridge near their apartment. The Times had no trouble finding members who recalled them. But the Boston Globe said that Islam might have had a secondary role in the Boston attacks. Given that, it's entirely possible that bullying could have been the culprit."

"I really do hope we honor the smoker in Boston. Give the guy some kind of recognition, citation. This guy was willing to risk his life for a smoke. I mean, he's risking his life smoking. He risked his life to go outside and smoke while the authorities were saying, 'Don't do that, stay in your home.' This guy risked his life, while smoking, risked his life for a smoke, and discovered Dzhokhar hiding in the boat."

"They didn't have gun permits for the four guns. They didn't have permits for their pressure cookers, or permits for the pipe bombs. They didn't have permits for the hand grenades. Not that you can get them, but they didn't have permits for anything. They fired at least 80 rounds in the shoot-out where the older brother was killed. Meanwhile, we're told that no one needs more than 10 bullets to defend oneself nowadays."


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