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Bloomberg Wants to Raise Smoking Age to 21
RUSH: Mayor Doomberg in New York wants to raise the age limit for buying cigarettes to 21.  "Nobody under 21 will be able to buy cigarettes in New York City under a new proposal announced today that marks the latest in a decade of moves to crack down on smoking in New York City."  It could have an unintended consequence of letting more terrorists go free.  Remember, it was a smoker out in the backyard for an afternoon puff noticing something odd about his winterized boat that led him to investigate, and he found Dzhokhar in there half conscious.  Thankfully he called the cops.  He wasn't worried he'd be called a bigot.  But there's still time for that. 


RUSH:  I really do hope we honor the smoker in Boston.  Give the guy some kind of recognition, citation.  This guy was willing to risk his life for a smoke.  I mean, he's risking his life smoking. He risked his life to go outside and smoke while the authorities were saying, "Don't do that, stay in your home." This guy risked his life, while smoking, risked his life for a smoke, and discovered Dzhokhar hiding in the boat. 

Professor: Too Much Force Used on Boston Perps

RUSH:  A professorette at the City University of New York, her name is Ruth O'Brien, has written an op-ed.  Fox.com is where I found this, FoxNation.com.  The New York University professor Ruth O'Brien is complaining too much force had been used against Tamerlan Tsarnaev in apprehending him, the Boston bomber.  Too much force.  The cops were too mean.


RUSH: This Ruth O'Brien, for all practical purposes she could get a hosting slot on cable news.  She's the one who has written an op-ed piece saying the cops used too much force in capturing the Boston bombers.  Yep.  The cops are too mean.  They used too much force.  Send a bad message all over the world about America.  And I'm sick of that meme.  I'm sick of the whole notion what happens in this country sends a bad message to people around the world and tells them that America is an unfair, bigoted, racist state or nation.  Here.  Let me read you a couple more things from her article. 

"The United States that I love hunts down terrorists AND follows human rights during capture." That's the United States I love.  Yeah, we hunt down terrorists, but we follow human rights during capture.  "Giving the worst criminal or terrorist the most dignity during captivity shows why we should not be feared as a nation and is the best antidote to terrorism." So this professor, who is teaching your kids at New York University, actually believes that giving the worst criminal or terrorist the most dignity during captivity is the best thing we can do to show what a great nation we are. 

Would somebody tell me how would that have defeated Hitler, for those of you who have heard of him?  How would that have defeated Japan, for those of you who have heard about that?  How would that helped us defeat Mussolini, for those of you who have heard about him?  How?  Somebody tell me how treating terrorists or criminals with the greatest dignity during captivity would be the best statement about this country that could be made?  By the way, she's a major Obama sycophant.  What I read to you is right after the quote above.  Her final sentence, "We accept difference, as a nation, and we should champion our greatest strength -- inclusivity -- at these extreme moments if we want the character of the United States not to be judged harshly by the global community.  Once all the adrenaline subsides, I hope we will all be witnesses at the Internal Affairs investigation about undue force," in Boston." 

Undue force?  You've got a dead cop on the MIT campus. Undue force?  It was bomber number two who ran over his brother and killed him.  They were throwing bombs at the cops, for crying out loud, and here's this professor, an Obama sycophant, worried about what the world thinks and getting it totally wrong in the process.  If we want the character of the United States not to be judged harshly by the global -- who the hell is the global community?  And what makes them better than us?  And why in the world do we have to do whatever in order to please the so-called global community? 

The only way you can think like this is if you believe your country is guilty of something.  Your country's guilty, your country is bad, your country, and yet we must atone.  We must have a carbon tax. We must have a carbon tax to cut down on CO2 emissions to show the world that we are sorry for destroying it.  It's that kind of cockamamie, Looney Tunes thinking.  And the woman is a professor of so-called higher learning.  She just wrote a fawning biography of Obama.  It's called Out of Many, One: Obama and the Third American Political Tradition.

Boston Bombers Had No Permits
RUSH: "A Massachusetts police official say the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn't have gun permits."  They didn't have gun permits for the four guns.  They didn't have permits for their pressure cookers, or permits for the pipe bombs.  They didn't have permits for the hand grenades.  Not that you can get them, but they didn't have permits for anything.  They fired at least 80 rounds in the shoot-out where the older brother was killed.  Meanwhile, we're told that no one needs more than 10 bullets to defend oneself nowadays.  They fired at least 80 rounds. Nobody needs more than 10 bullets to defend themselves.  Nobody.  All you need's a shotgun. 

Another detail that's been studiously underreported is that they told the driver of the car they hijacked that they were heading to New York City, that they were the mad bombers, they were heading to New York City presumably to do more bombing.  These guys know that New York City has even more strict gun control laws than Boston.  They didn't care.  This is the point.  Whatever gun laws existed, these guys didn't care, and it didn't stop them.  They didn't have a gun permit.  This is absurd.

How Much Did DHS Know About These Guys?
RUSH: UK Daily Mail: "The Department of Homeland Security was dragging its feet on processing Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev's U.S. citizenship after a routine background check revealed he had been questioned by the FBI in 2011.  Tamerlan, 26, filed an application for citizenship six months ago but immigration officials had not yet made a decision on his case at the time of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Authorities knew the alleged bomber had a domestic violence charge on his record but the fact he had been grilled by federal agents is reportedly what threw up red flags, halting the progress of his application.

"It's not clear what the 26-year-old, who was killed early Friday, was told about why his application was facing delays.  Official reported on Friday that the F.B.I. interviewed the older Tsarnaev brother in January 2011 at the request of the Russian government, which suspected that he had ties to Chechen terrorists.  They said this decision to delay his application proved his encounter with the F.B.I. did not go unnoticed by the Department of Homeland security."

So the question, how much did they know about this guy?  How much did they know?  This is my take on this.  It's a UK Daily Mail story.  They had plenty to be suspicious of the guy and to keep him on a watch list, but they didn't, for some reason, which I tell you what's gonna happen now.  We need a new government program.  We need more federal money and more federal power.  That's how you fix government programs that don't work.  You come up with a new one. 

Poor Obama Had a Rough Week
RUSH: From the Administration Press: "For President Barack Obama, one of his most wrenching White House weeks saw the fresh specter of terrorism and the first crushing political defeat of his new term, and the more emotional side of a leader often criticized for appearing clinical or detached. ... There was the challenge to reassure a nervous nation about threats at home and to keep the rest of his legislative goals on track after the Senate rejected gun control measures that had become his top priority.

"'This was a tough week,' Obama said late Friday, shortly after authorities captured the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. ... The capture of the teenager whose older brother was killed attempting to escape police brought closure to Boston and the White House."  The White House.  This is another reason why -- I'm sorry, it's all Obama all the time. Every news story is through the prism of, "How does this help Obama," or "How does this hurt Obama?"  Or, "What does this mean for Obama's agenda?"  Or something else to do with Obama.  It was a tough week for Obama.  For Obama, a testing, trying, emotional week. 

People had their limbs blown off.  A child is dead.  And Obama had a tough week.  Wow.  By the way, the Times Square bomber also had a pressure cooker as one of his three weapons of mass destruction in his car.  Did you know that?  The Times Square bomber also had a pressure cooker as one of his three weapons of mass destruction in his car. 

Now, the New York Times claimed the following:  "The application --" for citizenship "--  which Tsarnaev presented on September 5, also prompted 'additional investigation' of him this year by federal law enforcement agencies, the officials said.  They declined to say how far that examination had progressed or what it covered."  So that is the New York Times claiming the FBI continued to monitor Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  So how come he wasn't an immediate suspect or at least subject after the attack?  I don't know.  I don't want to start casting aspersions.  That's not the point. 

I'm just reacting to the news, folks, that's all I'm doing.  Every day I come here hoping, praying the news is gonna be good about the economy; hoping and praying the news is gonna be good about our culture; hoping and praying the news is gonna be good about the nation's future; hoping and praying that the news is gonna be good about all the challenges, and every day it's just more and more of the same that I feel the need to defend. 



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