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Everyone Socked by Obama's Internet Tax... AP Twitter Feed Hacked...  Boston Bomb Injury Toll Worse Than Originally Reported... 99.5% of Illegals Get Approval for Legal Status... Planned Parenthood Knew About Gosnell; Obama Headlines Planned Parenthood Gala... Max Baucus Says “No Mas”... Ricin Suspect Released... USA Today: Gun Control Support Ebbs...

Fox News Becomes Most-Watched Channel in the Fractured Cable Universe

RUSH: Fox was the number one, most viewed cable network of all of them, throughout all of last week -- not just cable news.  All of cable... I tell you, what I take from this, we have not reached the tipping point where the vast majority of people in this country are liberal.  We've not reached it.  We are still being governed by a minority, and I think it's a pretty small minority, actually, in real terms.  

Where's the Outrage Over Beckel's Rant?

BECKEL: In the Muslim communities around the world, they do not like us.  I think we really have to consider -- given the fact so many people hate us -- that we're going to have to cut off Muslim students from coming to this country for some period of time so that we can at least absorb what we've got. Look at what we've got, and decide whether some of the people here should be sent back home or sent to prison.


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