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Obama Phone Costs Spiraling Out of Control
RUSH: From Fox News, Jim Angle: "Lawmakers Warn Cost of Federal Free Phone Program Spinning Out of Control." Does anybody believe they're actually gonna do away with the Obama phone program? 

Fisker Admits They Haven't Made a Single Car in America
RUSH: Fisker, the electric car outfit, you know how that was praised?  My buddies, these tech bloggers, they just think Fisker and whatever the other big electronic luxury car maker, Tesla, oh, yeah, I mean, their excrement doesn't smell. They're just the coolest, they're just the neatest, wow, zowie, cool, man, coolio. 

A Fisker executive admits they haven't made a single car.  Despite nearly $200 million in taxpayer loans, not one car has been made in America, not one electric car to save the planet, has been made in America by Fisker, despite $200 million in loans.  Now, if you were able to get $200 million in loans, do you think you would build something?  Solyndra? Yeah, you might feel bad if you didn't.  Not one car, folks.

Gillibrand Blames FAA Cutbacks on Corporate Jets
RUSH:  Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, is laying the blame for long flight delays and furloughed air traffic controllers at the feet of corporate jets.  There's legislation, she wants to close a tax loophole for corporate jets and use that money to reinstate air traffic controllers nationwide. Because corporate jets do not pay the same tax as the airlines, it's not fair, it's an unfair burden and we gotta get that tax rate up, then we can hire back the air traffic controllers.  See, we just need more tax increases, fix everything.

Boston Terrorists Used Toy Car Remote to Detonate Bombs
RUSH:  The thinking now, by the way, is the Boston bombs were set off by using a toy car remote.  That's what they think the guys used. Can you imagine the relief when the regime found out that Obama phones were not used?  Turned out that they were toy car remotes. 




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