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There Will Be No Negotiated Peace with Radical Islamists


RUSH: Here's John in Rockland, New York, as we go back to the phones on Open Line Friday.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  Thanks for the call.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  I just wanted to comment on this war that we're having with Islam.  It is a war, it's a war that's been going on, but it's not new to the United States.  We fought in Tripoli, that's what Tripoli was all about, and for the Muslim nation in itself, I mean, it goes back to the 700th century.  This is new.  You know, the Koran is pretty specific.  I mean, we're a Christian nation, whether people believe it or not, and that in itself right there makes us an infidel.  And the only way this is ever gonna change is if we change the mind-set of the Muslim religion.

RUSH:  Or our own.

CALLER:  Oh, definitely our own.

RUSH:  And if we would adopt Sharia, it would end.


RUSH:  Well, not immediately, but we could end it pretty quickly by adopting Sharia.

CALLER:  Yes.  I just urge all Americans out there to start researching, go back and look at history, because it's all there in history, and just to be reminded --

RUSH:  No, you're right.  Our first foreign war -- Thomas Jefferson sounded the warning bells about it.  The Barbary pirates.

CALLER:  That's correct.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  The Barbary pirates, and our first war was with Muslims.  You should go back and read what Jefferson said.  Jefferson said just leave alone. Take 'em out when you have to, but leave 'em alone, essentially, back in the days of the founding.  Look, the Muslims fight amongst each other, too.  You got the Sunnis and the Shi'ites in Iran and Iraq, but this is like anything else.  It's like the Middle East peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  That's been going on since before you and I were conceived.  It's biblical, and it's not gonna end 'til one side defeats the other.  There isn't gonna be a negotiated peace.  Might be for a day, but not a solution.  And maybe Sharia wouldn't fix it, folks, because the Sunnis kill the Shi'ites.  They both have Sharia.  But I get your point.  The point is that there's no negotiation here.  And that's true of any conflict involving nations, peoples, what have you, of this size and type.



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