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Obama Hates New Media Because He Can't Control It


RUSH: F. Chuck Todd of NBC News was on Meet the Depressed yesterday after the White House Correspondents Dinner.  He's talking to David Gregory on Meet the Depressed yesterday.  Gregory said, "F. Chuck, what were Obama's favorite targets?"

TODD:  I thought his potshots, joke-wise and then the serious stuff about the Internet, the rise of the Internet media --

GREGORY:  Right.

TODD:  -- and social media and all that stuff, he hates it, okay.  He hates this part of the media. He really thinks that the sort of the buzzification -- this isn't just about BuzzFeed or Politico and all this stuff, but he thinks that sort of coverage of political media has hurt political discourse, he hates it, and I think he was trying to make that clear last night.


RUSH:  This is the White House Correspondents Dinner, and they're talking about Obama's jokes.  And F. Chuck Todd (imitating Todd), "Yeah, he hates all these blogs. He hates all this new media. He hates all this stuff out there on the Internet."  And F. Chuck probably doesn't like it much, either, 'cause it's taking eyeballs away from NBC News.  But it's quite instructive.  Obama's supposed to be the big, big savior of social media. They love him in Silicon Valley, Internet savvy savior, and he hates it, because he can't control it.  The new media, the bloggers and all that, they're not part of the State-Controlled Media.  That's why they don't like it.


RUSH:  Obama told a joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  You tell me if you think this is funny.  Obama said, "My job is to be president.  Your job is to keep me humble, and frankly I think I'm doing my job better."  That's not a joke, folks.  That is a statement.  You guys ain't keeping me humble.  He-he-he.  You can't do it, is what he's saying.  I'm president, you're never gonna cut me down.  You're never gonna make me normal or human.  You give it up.  There's no humor in that.  



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