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Everything's Cool Now: Kevin Spacey Arrived in Boston... Boston Terrorists Collected 100 Grand in Welfare... CNN Finds Another Brain Doctor to Blame Boxing for Terrorist Act...  Diversity: Half-Naked College Student Mocks Pope...

Real Courage: The Benghazi Whistleblower

RUSH: Now, folks, I'm gonna step in it here.  I could easily not say this and avoid a lot of trouble, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it.  We're losing our language.  Words mean things.  The way we're defining "courage" is kind of curious to me.  A pro basketball player announcing that he likes to have sex with other men, in my book, in a comparative sense, is not courageous, when compared, say, to a whistleblower trying to set the record straight about what happened in Benghazi. 

On Naivety and Marco Rubio

RUSH: The staff on the other side of the glass is very concerned that the headline in about five minutes on every website in the world is gonna be: "Limbaugh: Rubio Naive on Immigration." In the first place, let me say at the outset that Senator Rubio and I are friends. We know each other and we communicate somewhat regularly. So these efforts that are underway or might be underway to drive a wedge between Senator Rubio and me simply will not work.


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