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"Is it too late for Tim Tebow to come out as gay? If Tim Tebow were to announce that he is gay, wouldn't the NFL be forced to find a team for him to play on?"

"I'd like to know, is Barack Obama boring on purpose or is that just who he is?"

"Obama said that the sequester was damaging the economy and needs to be lifted. The fact of the matter is the sequester was not damaging the economy, which was the intention, and so then Obama decides to do things that had the economy damaged so that he could blame it on the sequester."

"Jason Collins is not a powerhouse player. He averages 1.1 points a game. That's why I say, if Tebow would come out as gay today, he could guarantee himself a spot in the NFL tomorrow."

"We've now learned, by the way, the Boston bombers collected over $100,000 in welfare. We wonder where the hell they got their cars and their clothes and stuff, and it turns out that we paid for it!"

"I could easily not say this and avoid a lot of trouble, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it."

"We're losing our language. Words mean things. The way we're defining courage is kind of curious to me. A pro basketball player announcing that he likes to have sex with other men, in my book, in a comparative sense, not courageous, when compared, say, to a whistleblower trying to set the record straight about what happened in Benghazi."

"Because I'm not a liberal, I'm called 'divisive.' You notice how liberals are never 'divisive'? You know why that is? Because to them liberalism is just status quo, natural. Anything that's not liberal is 'divisive.'"

"Well, folks, I'm heterosexual. I'm straight. I like girls. Deal with it."

"Marco Rubio has said repeatedly he only wants what he thinks is the best for our country. I don't question secret motives, intentions of any deceptive kind where he's concerned."

" May I remind everyone, Barack Obama never made a single phone call about Benghazi. He didn't make one phone call, folks. He didn't make a single phone call... But as Scott Pelley pointed out, President Barack Obama yesterday phoned Jason Collins, the first player in the NBA to ever publicly come out and announce he was gay. Not one phone call on Benghazi. "

"Obama didn't have to call Tiger Woods. He played golf with him."

"You people on the left, you've had it too easy. You get it every way you want it every time. You can't have it all three ways all the time, at least not on this program."

"Folks, I grew up in a family where people's sexual orientation, preferences, whatever, weren't even discussed. Why can't everybody just put your sexual preferences on Facebook and call it a day? What do we need to stop everything and have a national day of celebration, or mourning (depending on your point of view), or recognition or whatever about this?"

"Individual policies are due to go up 50% at the end of the year, governments and large companies are looking at dumping health coverage currently offered, and there's President Obama today at his presser saying that Americans are experiencing the benefits of Obamacare -- even if they don't know it."

"Too many elected Republicans today are backing away from conservatism. They're afraid of it because of how the left attacks anybody who is. Senator Rubio's undaunted by that. He's not afraid of it."

"I never plan. I just don't. I'm not capable of it. I can't brainstorm. My mind really comes alive when I'm actually in the middle of doing something."


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