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What Difference Does It Make? Obama Names Pritzker... Denver Gun Billboard Causes Big Controversy...  DOJ to Appeal Morning-After Pill Ruling... Conflicting Polls on Sequester... Rich, Not Middle Class, Support Obama... New Eating Disorder: Orthorexia...

Have We Defeated Feminism?

RUSH: Now, let me ask you, ladies and gentlemen, who do you know that for 25, actually 28 years, but 25 on the national stage, has been pointing out the truth of militant left-wing feminism?  It is I, El Rushbo.  Could it be said that years of properly defining modern-era militant feminism has proven fruitful?  

Peter King Rips Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

RUSH: Cruz and Rubio both voted against the pork in the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. They didn't oppose the genuine, legitimate aid or the assistance. But, even so, Peter King said, "You guys have no business coming here and raising money." Who needs a Democrat Party to defeat us? We seem capable of doing that ourselves! 

Democrat Mantra: Obama is No LBJ

RUSH: No matter what, wherever you go in the media, they're now comparing him to LBJ. They all are! It's just like "gravitas." They're all on this thing. Now, what do they love about LBJ? LBJ was a bully! LBJ "just knocked heads." He did whatever he had to do to get done whatever he wanted to get done. They call that "leadership," and they're looking at Obama as sort of wimpy. That's what all this means.... I'm telling you, they're upset, they're bugged, they're worried.


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