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Democrat Mantra: Obama is No LBJ


RUSH: Yeah, right, okay.

Snerdley has a question: "Could the Limbaugh Theorem explain Obama's current woes? He's still in campaign mode, no governance, low-information voters have no emotion left for campaigns after the election. They know he can't run again. They're not investing in Obama's campaigns on guns, immigration, sequester. They've checked out." I think that there is some validity to that. He can't run again. There's no reason, therefore, to blindly support him so that that says something about you.

There is this phenomenon called "emotional exhaustion." You just can't keep people at a fevered pitch, and Obama's now in year five of "The other guys did it!" I think the Limbaugh Theorem actually explains why the media is upset. Grab sound bite number two. I think the Limbaugh Theorem explains why the media is unsettled by all of this. I've got it somewhere here in the Stack or maybe it's a sound bite from somebody, but somebody in the press actually says, "When is he gonna start governing?"

That's it in a nutshell.

They're starting to notice that Obama has no relationship to anything that happens. When he talked about what happened in Boston, it was all about the Boston cops did this and the FBI didn't do that. I mean, to explain the mistakes, it was always somebody else. Well, the gun bill was his, but he still campaigned for it as though he's running for office and he's campaigning against these powerful forces, and the Democrats in the Senate were supposed to carry it.

He didn't do anything to own it, but the media is attempting to attach ownership of the gun bill failure to Obama. So he had to come out when it didn't work and express his anger. Because this thing, the gun bill, was supposed to fail in the House. It was supposed to sail through the Senate, and he had left it up to the Democrats in the Senate basically to get it done -- and it didn't get done. So, of course, it can't be his fault. But it may be rearing its ugly head here.

We've got a media montage here. That press conference the other day really rattled these guys in the media. They thought that Obama's reelection was gonna usher in an LBJ-style, Great Society avalanche of liberalism -- and they're getting worried Obama can't deliver. He couldn't deliver his own party on a gun control bill. Let's listen to the montage. We got Dan Balz, Jessica Yellin, Al Hunt, F. Chuck Todd, Bob Shrum, Tom Brokaw, and Cokie Roberts.

BALZ: Analogies are made to Lyndon Johnson and he should be more like Lyndon Johnson, breaking arms and legs and twisting everybody.

YELLIN: He's not LBJ! Everybody knows that!

HUNT: He's not LBJ.

TODD: He's not gonna ever be LBJ.

SHRUM: The Lyndon Johnson comparison...

ROBERTS: Why doesn't he just knock heads like LBJ did?

BROKAW: Lyndon Johnson gave quite a few press conferences, and he shut that down.

ROBERTS: When you listen to LBJ, that is leadership.

RUSH: Where in the world did this come from?

You see what I mean, folks? No matter what, wherever you go in the media, they're now comparing him to LBJ. They all are! It's just like "gravitas." They're all on this thing. Now, what do they love about LBJ? LBJ was a bully! LBJ "just knocked heads." He did whatever he had to do to get done whatever he wanted to get done. They call that "leadership," and they're looking at Obama as sort of wimpy. That's what all this means. "He's not LBJ. Well, he should be but he's never gonna be! LBJ comparison? LBJ gave quite a few press conferences. Obama shut that down. When you listen to LBJ, that's leadership," meaning: We're not hearing that from Obama.

I'm telling you, they're upset, they're bugged, they're worried.


RUSH: Grab sound bite three.  Hilary Rosen, as you know, well-known leftist Democrat, Democrat National Committee, PR babe, she is a Democrat strategerist now on CNN.  And, in fact, she was on with Erin Burnett last night.  She's warning the White House that Obama can't spend his whole second term looking like a guy who can't fix anything.  I'm telling you, folks, it's the Limbaugh Theorem that has reared its head here, and these people, without knowing it, are identifying it. 

The Limbaugh Theorem, let me tell you where this came from, those of you new to the program, because it's some months old.  I saw a New York Times story.  It was polling data, and it had the most unbelievable data in it.  Without giving you the numbers because I don't remember them specifically, but it said that a vast majority of the American people disagree with the direction the country's going and disagree with the Obama agenda, but overwhelmingly approve of his job performance. 

I looked at that, I said, "Wait a minute, how can that be?"  And as you well know, for the entire four-plus years of his administration, we've been asking ourselves, how can it be that the economy continues to worsen, that more millions of people continue to lose their jobs, that the universe of jobs, the labor force continues to shrink in this country.  The housing market, everything, it continues to plummet and get worse, the debt gets worse, the deficit gets worse, the government's getting bigger, and yet the guy got reelected.  I've been pulling my hair out, what little is left, trying to intellectually understand this. 

And I said, "It can't just be chalked up to low-information voters.  There has to be a reason."  And a light went on.  When I was in the process of doing what I'm doing now, explaining all this and asking, what explains this?  I finally figured it out.  The people of this country who overwhelmingly approve of Obama's job performance obviously do not associate his agenda with what's happening.  So then I said, how can that be?  This is the first president in history in a horrible economy who is not attached to it, who is not associated with it, and it finally hit me.  He is constantly campaigning.  He is not seen as governing. 

Instead, his supporters see him as continually fighting all of this that's happening.  It's all remnants of the Bush years and Obama is a valiant fighter.  He's a knight in shining armor trying as hard as he can to stop all this.  But as hard as he's working, it continues to get worse because the Republicans won't help him.  So I kept developing the theory, eventually called it the Limbaugh Theorem and explored it further and got into it deeper, and it makes total sense, once you understand what he's doing.  He's constantly campaigning.  He's never governing.  Up until the gun control thing, and even that's kind of iffy, none of what happened is associated with his policies. 

His policies are seen by people as trying to fix it.  Like, for example (imitating Obama), "I'm gonna reduce your premium by $2,500, and you keep your doctor and if you like your health plan you can keep it. And whatever I do I'm not gonna add one dime to the deficit."  People hear him say that and because of the relationship they have with him, they believe him. So when the deficit grows, it can't be him, because he said he's not gonna do anything that even adds a dime to it, so it must be those Republicans who these people have been trained to hate, and the Republicans are constantly portrayed as uncooperative and constantly in opposition.  They are partisan.  They don't compromise. They don't help. They're not bipartisan. And poor old Obama, why, he's just working as hard as anybody ever has, but these Republicans just won't help him, and that has to be what the answer is.  That's the Limbaugh Theorem. 

Well, what's happening here is the media had visions.  They had the wildest utopian dreams when he won reelection.  They thought that it was gonna be four years of an LBJ-style Great Society, too, with every liberal dream just automatically happening.  None of it has and Obama hasn't changed.  He's still positioning himself as unattached to what's happening.  He's still seen campaigning, raising money for a campaign organization, running against the Republicans, blaming everybody else for what's going on, while claiming, lying, that Obamacare's gonna lower your premium. He's still saying these kind of things while it's being implemented, and everything he's saying is not true, but he is not blamed for it.  He's still seen as the guy fighting these invisible powerful forces.  Then the gun control bill comes along and that's, I think, what really has shaken up the left and the media.  That was supposed to be automatic, as far as these people are concerned. 

You have to look at it their way. You had Aurora, Colorado, happen. You had the Sandy Hook Elementary at Newtown. We had these horrible things. In their minds, it just stands to reason that everybody would blame the gun. Everybody would agree, "We've got to get rid of 'em. It just can't go on!" And yet, something as simple as so-called -- it's not what it was, but it was portrayed as just even more detailed -- background checks, fails in the Senate, which is run by the Democrats.

These media people are saying, "LBJ woulda never let that happen. LBJ woulda called these senators up while he was in the bathroom and made them come in the bathroom while he was using it while he reamed 'em." (Look it up. That happened.) That's why they're all now comparing Obama to LBJ. They can't believe it, folks. Gun control bill? It was supposed to go to the House and fail so they could blame the Republicans, just like immigration. It's supposed to go to the House.

Rubio. We've been talking about Marco this week. Senator Rubio said, on April 30th, "The Gang of Eight's immigration bill can't pass the House." Amnesty, right? It cannot pass the House. He knows this. It can't pass the House. That's why the Democrats are all-in on this. It's not supposed to become law right now! Immigration, amnesty is supposed to fail in the House because the objective is winning the House for the Democrats 2014.

So gun control was supposed to be the Republicans' fault. Immigration reform failing? The Republicans' fault. Those are the two campaign issues Obama and the Democrats planned to use next year. Well, the gun control thing is out the window now 'cause it's the Democrats that killed it, and Obama was livid that it didn't go according to plan. Now they're blaming him for not working hard enough. But about LBJ, the left has a lot of false gods.

The left puts a lot of faith in a lot of people in the past that were dismal failures that they think are the greatest people who ever lived. LBJ was such a great leader, he couldn't even run for reelection in 1968. If you recall, LBJ refused to run, it was so bad after his implementation the Great Society and the War on Poverty. Vietnam was the big culprit, but still, as far as the Democrats are concerned, "LBJ, that's the model!

"LBJ is the guy! That's who we gotta get Obama to be like, LBJ!" Well, the truth of the matter is that LBJ was so great, such a wonderful leader, that he couldn't even run for reelection in 1968. That's how good he was. So these leftists and Democrats put their faith in all these people that, at the end of the day, don't prove to be what they really think they are. They don't live up their reputations. Could it not be said it was LBJ deciding not to run in '68 who arguably made possible the election of Richard Nixon?

Who they hated!

So I think that what's happening is the media, without realizing it, is starting to perceive this Limbaugh Theorem. They're starting to see how Obama's behaving, why, what for, and all that -- and they don't like it. They want him to be the boss. We're supposed to have liberal utopianism implemented every day since his inauguration. In this sound bite from Hilary Rosen we have coming up, you'll hear it. She pretty much says that to Obama, "You can't look like you're giving up and blame it all on the Republicans."


RUSH: Here is Hilary Rosen last night with Erin Burnett who said, "If Obama can't get anything done, then what's the point of a second term?"

ROSEN: It's worth the White House paying attention to this. It's that the president should never say, "I've done everything I can do," 'cause nobody ever has, right? There's always more to do, there's always more to try, and you can never be seen as kind of throwing up your hands and saying, "Well, it's all on them and -- and I'm done." And I think that that's kind of the one sort of maybe even stylistic mistake that the president made in the press conference or that he's making now, is that he needs to give people more that they can do, and he needs to keep doing more himself. The president can never say, "It's... You know, it's up to you guys now." He always has to have some new history that he and other people can do to keep trying.

RUSH: Hilary, seriously: The reason he can't or won't do that is because he refuses to put his fingerprints on anything. The key here is a constant campaign that appears to have him in opposition to everything that's happening. That's the key to this. That's the key to Obama, and he cares about himself.