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"We have had lots of excellent questions, and that's entirely due to the inspiration these people are getting from me. It always is the case. Just kidding. That's the kind of stuff that the 24-year-old girls start getting mad at and saying I threaten them and they leave. It's just a little braggadocio humor."

"She's a liberal Democrat feminist, the Hyatt hotel chain babe. She's not gonna get a media anal. They'll just sail her through and confirm her. What am I thinking, she's not a Republican."

"Who needs a Democrat Party to defeat us? We seem capable of doing that ourselves!"

"I have been saying publicly that I hope the president fails. Does that count as hating the government? I don't hate the government, but how many people here in Palm Beach County who listen to this program think so?"

"The left puts a lot of faith in a lot of people in the past that were dismal failures that they think are the greatest people who ever lived."

"There has been one person -- I mean, one -- a lot of people here and there, now and then whispering, one person has been shouting from the rooftops warning about the feminist movement. It is I, El Rushbo, and it might be said that I have succeeded in stigmatizing it."

"I think there is some serious concern that the wheels have come off Obama's agenda. I think the media really fear it."

"Dingy Harry 'says he shares 'colleagues' concerns that the Affordable Care Act could become a 'train wreck' if it's not implemented properly'.... That's exactly right, Mr. Snerdley! Dingy Harry is saying, 'We need more money. We need to spend even more money to properly implement this, and we need to do it tomorrow before people find even more of what's in it.'"

"The Koch brothers are more Libertarian than they are conservative. They're very active in the Cato Foundation, for example. However, they do have billions of dollars. As such, the left hates them."

"This administration bent over backwards trying to convince people that if the sequester happened, that it was the end of life as we know it. The cuts were to be so large and so dramatic that your life was going to be upset in ways you couldn't even conceive, and they did that for months, weeks, leading up to the deadline of April 1st on it, trying to get the Republicans to cave. And the Republicans did not cave. The sequester then went into effect, nothing happened. Everything was fine."

"It's raining pretty hard, but it's almost dark as night outside. I love it. I love stormy weather."

"Obama has gone to Mexico to ratchet up immigration, essentially. Why else go? Why else worry about a path to citizenship if illegals are coming in fewer numbers 'cause their economy's getting better and ours isn't?"

"If the Koch brothers are serious about the LA Times, they need to get a promise in advance from those Times employees promising to quit if they buy it. Get a written promise before you sign the deal."

"The left puts a lot of faith in people from the past that were dismal failures but that they think were the greatest who ever lived. LBJ was such a great leader, he couldn't even run for reelection in 1968. It was so bad after his implementation of the Great Society and the War on Poverty and Vietnam, he didn't run."

"So Obama is in Mexico selling amnesty. He has gone to Mexico to make a speech on immigration reform, which in his world is amnesty."

"You just can't keep people at a fevered pitch, and Obama's now in year five of "The other guys did it!" I think the Limbaugh Theorem actually explains why the media is upset."

"Orthorexia. You know where this comes from? Years and years and years of these wacko leftist groups like Center for Science in the Public Interest telling you, 'Don't eat that, you'll die. Don't eat that, you'll die. Don't eat that, you'll die.'

"I was very young. I was in my teens, early twenties. I thought you went to Planned Parenthood and they would help you plan your family, help you deal with the economics of it and raise a family. That's not at all what they do."

"One poll says half of Americans agree with Obama that the economy will be hurt. And in Gallup, 52% say don't even know enough about it to know whether it's good or bad, and even more don't care. You know what to believe? None of it. That's how much credibility this stuff has now."


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