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Why Does Planned Parenthood Support the Morning-After Pill?


RUSH: Scott, Jacksonville, Florida. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Two If By Tea tumbler mega dittos from your number one listener Jacksonville, Florida.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I had two questions for you. Number one: Why is Planned Parenthood supporting the Plan B pill in the first place? Won't it cut down on abortions?

RUSH: Well, great question. You want to try taking a stab at answering it yourself?

CALLER: It's a good response. The reason why I think they are is because Planned Parenthood is now coming out. They're mad at the Obama administration for doing away with it, so they're playing it both ways.

RUSH: Well, that could be. But what does Planned Parenthood stand for?

CALLER: Abortion.

RUSH: Women aborting babies, however they do it. However they do it. Other than the back alley, however they do it. So the thing is if the morning-after birth control pill at age 15 conditions women, "This is no big deal!" Planned Parenthood would have to support it. Look, liberals are liberals first. Abortion is the sacrament. If you look at liberalism as a religion, abortion is the sacrament. So whatever moves the agenda forward is okay, and this moves the agenda forward.

The agenda forward is women having abortions, whenever, however. "That is how a woman proclaims her independence. It's how a woman proclaims her freedom!" It is true that the Plan B morning-after pill will impact the Planned Parenthood bottom line. So it just means that they'll go into the manufacturing business, or they'll invest (chuckling) in pharmaceuticals. I don't know. It's a great question, but the answer is: "Hey, what's the objective? Abortions!"

Now, I know. I know there are people in this audience who cannot possibly think I really mean that. Folks, not only do I really mean it, it's true. Don't blame me if you can't get your arms around that. There are over a million abortions a year. Planned Parenthood supports them and performs them. It's not even controversial to say that what Planned Parenthood is about is abortions and as many as possible.

Planned Parenthood knew what was going on in Gosnell's horror house and would not condemn it. They knew! It was up to the victims to report it, and if the victims didn't report it? No harm, no crime, no foul. If the victims didn't report it, it was fine. That was the Planned Parenthood position: If the victims didn't report it, no big deal. They can't condemn it. If you stand for something, you have to support it wherever and whenever -- and abortion is not some incidental thing that happens.

To them, it is their reason for existence. Planned Parenthood. I was thinking this yesterday. When I first heard of Planned Parenthood, to show you how the left uses the language, I thought it was exactly what it says: Planning parenthood. I was very young. I was in my teens, early twenties. I thought you went to Planned Parenthood and they would help you plan your family, help you deal with the economics of it and raise a family.

That's what I thought they did. "Planned Parenthood." That's not at all what they do. They want people to think that. So when somebody like me comes along and points out what they really do, people say, "No, no, no! That can't possibly be!" Some people don't even want to conceive that that's what they do, but it is. This is the cross that I bear: Bringing the truth to people that they may not want to hear. Therefore it makes me "divisive."



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