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Beyonce's Tour Demands: Red Toilet Paper and Cubans for Mr. Z ... Obama Uses Limbaugh Theorem on Morning-After Pill ... Tina Brown Cans Howie Kurtz ...

Dog-Whistling Obama Campaigns in Mexico: I Apologize for America, Now Help Me Win the House in 2014!

RUSH: Let me tell you something. Obama apologizing to these students for America imposing its sovereignty on Mexico, that, folks, is a huge dog whistle to radicalized young Hispanic voters. What Obama has just done is send signals to that voting bloc beneath the radar, 'cause most people are not even gonna pay any attention to it...  We just blew his cover decoding this. I won't be surprised if we get some blowback on this. They'll start calling me a bunch of names and accusing me of making things up or accusing me of harboring hate. 

A 15-Year-Old Rush Baby Who Understands the Founders' View of Freedom and Equality

RUSH: At 15, you've already been able to make an important distinction between the difference in equality of opportunity and equality of result. We live in a country where most people -- or way too many people -- think that freedom and equality mean everybody is the same and it's not fair if somebody's better off or has more than everybody else. And so they agree with policies that will take away from others.

Elites on the Left -- and the Right -- Would Be Happier If This Show Didn't Exist

RUSH: I was trying to tiptoe around this earlier, and I said, "What the hell am I tiptoeing for? Let me just explain it." And you know it as well as I do, folks. I've even told you about it. The Republican Party can't win presidential elections anymore -- they don't think they can, and there's one reason why, in their minds: People like me and people like you.

Capitalist Reality Versus Socialist Fantasy

RUSH:  Capitalism is hard, cold reality. There's no question it is by far and away the best economic organizing system of human beings there's ever been. But it is said to be a failure because it's evaluated against fantasies. There never has been a successful socialist country. There's never been a successful communist country.


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