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Beyonce's Tour Demands: Red Toilet Paper and Cubans for Mr. Z

RUSH: Have you ever seen red toilet paper? Do you know where to get it? I have no idea who makes it. Probably some communist country. I don't know. Beyonce, folks, requires red toilet paper in her dressing room for each performance. We've got the rider to her contract.We were discussing it here among ourselves. We never heard of it. We've never seen red toilet paper, wouldn't know where to go to get it. In addition to that, get this. Her rider, the demands that she makes on the promoter at any tour stop, includes $6,000 of imported cigars and booze for her husband, Mr. Z. Imported cigars. That can only mean one thing. There's only one place worth importing cigars from you can't legally get.

Obama Uses Limbaugh Theorem on Morning-After Pill

RUSH: President Obama said today that he was comfortable with his regime's decision to allow over-the-counter purchases of a morning-after pill for anybody 15 and older. Now, you'll recall, the history of this is that it used to be 17 was the age limit to be able to go into a drugstore and get the morning-after birth control pill. The FDA wanted to have the age lowered to 15. A federal judge said, "To hell with that, anybody can go get it." The FDA said, "No, we're gonna limit it to 15." That became the law earlier this week. That created a lot of controversy. There was a lot said about it. The next day, actually later the same afternoon, it was Wednesday, the Justice Department announced that they were gonna appeal this judge's ruling, that they were gonna try to keep it at 17.

That's the point. Obama in Mexico City said he's okay with it being 15. He said it's okay, but he also said it's not his business and he's got nothing to do with it. The FDA on Tuesday had lowered the age at which people can buy the Plan B One Step morning-after pill without a prescription to 15, younger than the current limit of 17. The FDA decided that the pill could be sold on drugstore shelves near condoms instead of locked behind pharmacy counters. Obama at his news conference in Mexico said that the FDA's decision is based on solid scientific evidence.

Susannah Baruch of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project said, "We're profoundly disappointed. This appeal takes away the promise of all women having timely access to emergency contraception." The feminists are livid over this. They don't want there to be an age limit. Obama did come out and say that it's fine with him, age 15, but he wanted people to know that he didn't have anything to do with the ruling. Again, he's a bystander. He's a spectator weighing in on this. Limbaugh Theorem.

Tina Brown Cans Howie Kurtz

RUSH: I haven't mentioned it yet today because I don't think it's a big deal to you, but I'm gonna go ahead and mention it. The media -- the inside-baseball media, the narcissistic media that loves to talk about itself -- is just beside itself today because Tina Brown at The Daily Beast fired Howard Kurtz. Now, Howard Kurtz used to be the media columnist at the Washington Post. What that means is that Howard Kurtz would write about what's happening in the media -- when they did something wrong, when they did something right.

He's a media analyst, and he was at one time considered one of the most powerful -- and, in some cases, popular -- media figures. He had a Washington Post byline, and some of his stuff was front page. That can do that for you. He branched out, and ended up on a media-analysis show on CNN called Inside Sources where Howard and his guests, other media-liberal types, would analyze what's good and bad about the media.

Routinely they'd rip the conservative media and excuse the liberal media and chalk their excesses up to people trying to do a good job and just being overzealous. Anyway, the short version the story is that earlier this week, Howard Kurtz made a mistake in reporting about Jason Collins, the NBA player who came out as gay. Howard Kurtz reported that -- if I got this right. Howard Kurtz reported that he had either not told anybody or was keeping hidden the fact that he was straight for a while, and was engaged to a woman for a number of years.

Whatever he reported about that was wrong. Jason Collins had indeed not hidden that he'd had a fiancee, had not hidden that he had dated a woman for a number of years. And Tina Brown announced in a very short period of time that Kurtz is gone, gone from The Daily Beast and everything else that he was doing while in her employ. The media jumped to this and said, "See? See? This is what happens!" I made a point to a friend in an e-mail conversation.

I said, "This is what happens when you make a mistake reporting on a homosexual. In the Drive-By Media, they're gonna hang you out to dry." That's the popular version of what happened. In truth, folks, I think what people ought to look at is that the Daily Beast may not have enough money to pay Howard Kurtz. It could well be that Tina Brown's media empire is not doing all that well financially. Kurtz is saying (summarized), "Nah, this is not 'cause of Jason Collins. We discussed my leaving The Daily Beast for many, many weeks before this came up."

But that doesn't matter. The consensus is that Kurtz got canned because he purposely, or even accidentally, got something wrong about the latest leftist hero of the week. And when the left anoints a "hero," you do not say anything critical or you do not get anything wrong. If you do, even if you are another card-carrying liberal, you're gone. So the media's all atwitter with this, over what happened to poor Howie. And the consensus is it was because he got it wrong on Jason Collins and made a mistake.


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