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Aviation Miracle? Solar Plane Can Get from SF to Phoenix in 20 Hours... Jason Collins to Do DNCLGBT Fundraiser with Moochelle... Rector: What the Amnesty Bill Will Really Cost

What Benghazi Shows Us: Democrats Can't Be Trusted with Life-and-Death Decisions Because They Live in Denial

RUSH: No matter what you think of these people, nobody is going to convince me that they wanted people to die.  I'm telling you, there were just things more important to them at the time.  They didn't want to admit that Obama hadn't won the War on Terror.  They didn't want to have to admit that Al-Qaeda was still alive and kicking.

Washington vs. The Rest of America

RUSH:  It's a great piece, and it is logically written to explain the real division in America. "The centralized power and wealth in our nation's capital are becoming so disconnected from the rest of this country that it is palpable to everyone except those who live in Washington."

Mo Rocca's Dead Serious, Low-Info CBS News Report: Greedy America Stole Half of Mexico in an Unjust War

RUSH: CBS' "Sunday Morning"... we have a portion of a report by a correspondent named Mo Rocca about the impact of the Mexican-American War on today's debate on immigration reform. Now, as part of this is a Penn State University professor, Amy Greenberg, who has written recently that we had no business going to war with the Mexicans, and we had no business taking California from 'em. We had no business taking anything else from 'em, and it really is theirs.


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