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Aviation Miracle? Solar Plane Can Get from SF to Phoenix in 20 Hours
RUSH: Folks, there's a miracle in aviation: A new battery-powered airplane. Honest to Pete, it's a solar powered, battery-powered airplane. Are you ready? San Francisco to Phoenix in -- dadelut dadelut dadelut -- 20 hours. It's being called an aviation miracle.

When Snerdley came in and told me about this I asked, "What, did it taxi there?"

"No, no, it flew."

It's an aviation miracle. This is progress: San Francisco to Phoenix in almost a whole day.

Jason Collins to Do DNCLGBT Fundraiser with Moochelle
RUSH: It was just announced via Fox News that gay basketball player Jason Collins is gonna do a fundraiser with Moochelle (My Belle). "Jason Collins is slated to join First Lady Michelle Obama at a swanky Democrat National Convention [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] fundraiser." By the way, they never translate that for you. They just say LGBT.

"Oh. Michelle with the gay people!"

It's a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender fundraiser. It starts at $1250 a plate. It's on May 29th. The event is at 63rd and Park Avenue. "Tickets start at $1200 a head but go up to $32,000 per couple if you want a photo with Michelle and Jason and your name mentioned." Now, do you think the rest of the country really cares that a gay guy in the NBA came out -- a guy who plays six games a season, has a scoring average of 1.1 points a game? Does anybody really care? It's a big deal to them, though.

Do you know why?

Can I tell you why it's a big deal to them?

There's one main reason. There are many reasons it's a big deal, but the one main reason Jason Collins coming out is important to them is because it allows them to stick it to us. They think they are ramming it right in our face. They think that they are just saying, "See! You conservatives are a bunch of hate-filled bigots. Take this!" They're inspired by that. They're motivated by it. They love doing things they think dispirit and depress you.

So the gay guy in the NBA comes out, and they're still talking about it.

Now they're gonna do a $32,000 top-end fundraiser for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Political Action Committee. Everybody in the country says, "Who gives a...? Can anybody say 'jobs'? Can anybody say, 'Don't take any 401(k)'? Will you leave my 401(k) alone? Would you stop destroying the value of my house? Would you stop destroying jobs?" But they just love it when they think conservatives have to eat the excrement sandwich. They just love it -- and, of course, they've got time for all that.

Rector: What the Amnesty Bill Will Really Cost
RUSH:  Folks, I mentioned at the top of the program a new study from the Heritage Foundation on the Gang of Eight immigration, legalization.  The Heritage study claims to cost taxpayers a net $6.3 trillion.  Now, Jim DeMint, Robert Rector and others at the Heritage Foundation have focused on this.  They've released this groundbreaking report that details the true cost of the immigration debate going on now.  Robert Rector has written often, he's a long-timer as Heritage.  He's done some of the best work on poverty and welfare, expenses, recipients, and virtually anything you'd want to know about it, as anybody in Washington or in the country. 

He's not new to the topic of immigration.  It contains many of the same aspects.  Now, the people at the Heritage Foundation believe information is empowering and makes an impact.  They believe the truth needs to be disseminated in as many ways as possible.  This study is available.  They want to make it available to you for free.  There's a five-page summary. Snerdley came in today, he did not know that I was gonna be talking about this today.  He just came in while we were at the coffee machine, and he said, "My God, I just read this summary of the Heritage Foundation's report on this immigration bill," and he was practically speechless about the things he had learned.  All of the new regulations. I mean, it's like Obamacare in many ways.

David Vitter has been tweeting. He's reading the whole thing and every time he comes across something unbelievable he sends out a tweet out about it.  I've got that somewhere here in the Stack.  Now, what's in this report that's so jarring is that they estimate that the cost here is $6.3 trillion and that's a conservative estimate.  Lifetime.  Lifetime costs.  Now, if you go to JoinHeritage.org today, you can get a copy of this report.  It's a PDF file.  You can download the whole thing, read the summary if you want just to get started, but it's a free download from Heritage at JoinHeritage.org. 

They want this out. They want you to understand it. They put in a lot of time and effort on it, and it's written in ways you can understand.  This is not bureaucratese, legalese or any of that.  AskHeritage.org, and if nothing else, read the five-page summary that explains a lot of detail about what's in the report itself.  Six-point-three trillion -- that's their headline on this, but there's a lot more to it than that and you can see it at AskHeritage.org. 



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