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Algore’s Millions... Ambassador to Libya Nominee: If I Get in Trouble, I’ll Just Call DC for Help... Jason Collins Snubbed...Chris Christie Cuts the Fat... The Cleveland Kidnapping and Hawaii Five-O...Seattle Turns Buyback Guns into “Peace Bricks”... Firearm Stats the Gun Control Crowd Doesn’t Like to See...

It's Simple: What the Left Believes Explains the Regime's Inaction on Benghazi

RUSH: They really believed the world hated this country because of George W. Bush. They really did. They thought that the world and terrorists, our enemies, really hated us because of Iraq and because of Afghanistan -- and a certain number of them actually thought that the terrorists on 9/11 were justified because of our policies, that we do provoke these people. They also believed that, when Obama became president, all that hate would vanish and it would turn to love and respect once again for the United States. 

Democrats Never Tire of Pulling Hillary's Bacon Out of the Fire

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that nowhere in the Democrat Party is there any thought of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus.  Nowhere in the Democrat Party is anybody tired of pulling her bacon out of the fire.  The Democrats do not throw their own people overboard. Democrats who fail end up with more stature than they had during whatever success they might have enjoyed.

Rush in a Hurry: A Daily Summary of What Really Happens on This Show

RUSH: This may be one of the finest services provided by anybody in broadcasting, and I say that in full Donald Trump mode. We call it Rush in a Hurry, and what it is is a summary of the radio program each day... I am remiss in not promoting this, because it is an excellent, excellent summary of what actually happened on this program every day as opposed to what somebody else says happened on this program. 


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