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Algore’s Millions
RUSH: I had this story yesterday.  I didn't have a chance to get to it 'cause it didn't qualify being ranked near the top of the Stack.  Bloomberg reported yesterday that former Vice President Algore now has at least $200 million in the bank.  That's how valuable losing the presidency can be.  New York Magazine, in fact, is reporting that Algore is probably richer now than an evil white guy by the name of Romney.  Honestly.  He creates a TV network that nobody watched and sells it to the terror -- eh, eh -- we have 35 seconds before we hit the delay.  Should we let that go?  Well, let's take a vote here on this.  We got 30 seconds to decide whether to let that go or to beep it out. 


What's that?  Right.  Okay.  Okay, the vote is to leave it in.  Screw 'em.  Okay, well, we don't have time to bleep it now so it stays, it hangs, it's out there.  He has his TV network nobody watched, he sells it, and he's parlaying this global warming hoax into a huge fortune.  He is now in the same category as Romney.  I just wonder how much money Algore gives to charity, compared to Mitt Romney. 

Ambassador to Libya Nominee: If I Get in Trouble, I’ll Just Call DC for Help
RUSH: Obama's nominee to replace Chris Stevens as our ambassador to Libya is a woman named Deborah K. Jones.  And she accepted.  She told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this morning that if she ever has any doubts about security as the ambassador to Libya, that she'll just pick up the phone and call Washington.  Now, excuse me, but -- and we have more on this coming up -- isn't that sort of what happened the last time and nobody did anything about it?  Figuratively speaking, the 3am phone call, and nobody did anything.  But she said she'd just pick up the phone and call Washington. 

Jason Collins Snubbed
RUSH: Forbes magazine has named Tim Tebow as their top most influential athlete in 2013.  They didn't say whether Tebow was a good influence or bad influence.  They just said he's the most influential athlete in America today.  Tebow's inactive.  He doesn't have a team right now.  But the other three people at the top of the list also don't have teams, are also inactive: Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Derek Jeter.  Can you believe they left Jason Collins off of this list?  Can you believe the guy that came out is getting more coverage than Benghazi?

Chris Christie Cuts the Fat
RUSH: Do you know what the two big stories are for the low-information crowd today?  Chris Christie had lap band surgery.  He didn't tell anybody about it.  The doctor went out to his place and did all the preliminary work.  He had the lap band surgery and has supposedly lost 40 pounds.  He's going to cohost the Today Show soon, and that and Jason Collins are the big news stories today.  Not Benghazi, where the hearings are starting tomorrow. 

The Cleveland Kidnapping and Hawaii Five-O
RUSH: I want to talk for a minute about these three people that have been missing for 10 years in Cleveland and found. I'll bet many of you thought, "There's nothing Rush can say about that." Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! I have no idea. Nobody does yet. At least if somebody knows, I haven't been able to keep up with the story. It happened just before the show started, these three people discovered missing for 10 years staying in some malcontent's house or whatever.

I have no idea what the latest news is on this. I don't know it, if there's any more than that. But as it so happens, I happened last night to watch Hawaii 5-0 on CBS. Hawaii 5-0's premise last night was kidnapped girls. They were held until they were 18 and then killed. It was a couple doing it for the welfare benefits. It was just some reprobate husband and wife. The husband, a lazy SOB, claimed he had a disability and couldn't work. They kidnapped young girls and kept them in shackles.

This was the premise. It's just a TV show, but I thought, "Well, this fascinating." They kept them in shackles in a hidden room in their run-down house somewhere on Oahu. The 5-0 team was trying to find for the parents. One girl was missing for 12 years and found dead somewhere out in the hinterlands. The 5-0 team did whatever the show is. They tracked 'em down, they found out what it was, and the guy was simply kidnapping these girls to provide tax exemptions and qualification for welfare benefits so he didn't have to work.

And then when they were no longer useful at age 18, he killed 'em -- until, of course ,5-0 came along and saved the day. Now, I don't know what happened in Cleveland, but I couldn't help but make the connection. I mean, if everybody else in the low-information crowd's gonna use what happens on TV for reality, why can't I? So here it is. Three women missing nine-plus years found alive. All were teenagers when they disappeared. Does anybody know yet why? Has the story advanced yet?


Three brothers of their brothers or three brothers?


Three brothers, but not related to the three women, have been arrested in Cleveland, which-voted Obama. Not that that's got anything to do with anything.


One of who has the baby?


Double welfare benefits, if one of the women has a baby?


No, I don't know. It just wanted to tell you. It's fascinating to hear that the same thing happen last night on Hawaii 5-0 and I guarantee you people watching it on Hawaii 5-0 think, "It happened on TV. It is for real."


RUSH: So these three guys in Cleveland who kidnapped the women, raped them -- and I think, when a pregnancy happened, they aborted it. Anyway, they're brothers. Their last name is Castro. I just saw their pictures on TV. What a motley bunch of people. (interruption) Yeah, grungy, to say the least. Anyway, you figure that was their best look? (interruption) Are those mug shots? (interruption) Wow. Ah, one of them doesn't look too bad. He looks like he works in a Benihana. He doesn't work there. It's just the first thing came to my mind when I saw the picture.

Seattle Turns Buyback Guns into “Peace Bricks”
RUSH: From the Associated Press: "The Seattle police department collected more than 700 guns during a buyback --" (interruption)  What are you laughing at in there?  It is.  It's working.  For those of you scratching your head, saying, "What was that all about?"  It's working.  The outreach.  He asked me who do I think Americans believe more, Obama or the Jodi Arias defense team.  Of course I know who she is.  Of course I know who Jodi Arias is.  Just like I know who the other woman that has been on trial in Italy, Amanda Knox.  Yeah, of course I know this stuff.  I'm up on all this.

Anyway, Seattle police did a buyback.  They collected more than 700 guns during a buyback in January, and now they have a plan for what to do with the 700 guns.  The mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, is expected to announce today.  He may have already announced it. I don't know.  "Mayor Mike McGinn is expected to announce Tuesday that they'll be melted into bricks carrying messages of peace, and the bricks will be placed around the city. The buyback program was announced a month after last December's elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn. ... Private sponsors including Amazon.com contributed tens of thousands of dollars so that people could anonymously turn in their weapons for shopping cards worth up to $200.  Some 716 guns were turned in. With support from the charitable foundation of famed glass artist Dale Chihuly, they'll be turned into bricks."

Peace bricks.  Guns will be turned into bricks with messages of peace on them and then they will be placed around city.  "The mayor plans to visit public schools around the city to hear from students about how gun violence affects them, and their messages of peace will be represented on the bricks," that used to be guns.  I kid you not.  Peace bricks made out of guns, placed around the city with messages of peace on them.  And of course this is to do what?  Stop people from using guns.  It's whatever the students say. The mayor is gonna visit public schools around the city to hear from students about how gun violence affects them, and those messages of peace will then be represented on the bricks.  And then what's supposed to happen, if you live in Seattle and you are tempted to use a gun, you don't, and you go to the nearest peace brick and you read it.  That will inspire you not to use your gun. Or, you try to steal the peace brick and try to use it as a gun, which of course it won't do.

Firearm Stats the Gun Control Crowd Doesn’t Like to See
RUSH: Now, here are some interesting stats.  This is from TheBlaze.com.  The firearm statistics that gun control advocates don't want anybody to see.  And it's very simple.  Seventeen of the 20 highest gun murder states are Democrat controlled blue states with the strongest gun control laws.  Seventeen of the 20 highest gun murder states are Democrat controlled blue states with the most stringent gun control laws in the country.  And those stats come from the FBI's uniform crime reports.

California had the highest number of gun murders in 2011, with 1,220.  Sixty-eight percent of all murders in the state in 2011 were gun murders.  That equates to 3.25 murders per 100,000 people.  Well, I'm just saying that 17 of the 20 highest gun murder states are run by Democrats with stringent gun control laws.  See, if you put them in charge of it, what do you get?  You get peace bricks and people who are disarmed and unable to defend themselves.

Saxby Chambliss Ruins Obama's Day with Hole-in-One...
RUSH: Did you see where Obama played golf yesterday?  He went out there, and the media admitted that Obama's the highest handicapper in his foursome.  It was with two Republican senators, Saxby Chambliss and Bob Corker.  I forget who the forth was.  But they tantamount admitted Obama was the worst golfer in the group.  Saxby Chambliss had a hole-in-one.  Now, that's not how you reach across the aisle, especially as somebody as thin-skinned as Obama. 

I mean, here you invite Saxby Chambliss, who, let's face it, folks, he'd be totally colorless if it weren't for his varicose veins.  He's out there playing golf with Obama, and Bob Corker, and -- I mean, even Saxby Chambliss, these Republicans will do anything to frustrate Obama.  They'll do anything to make Obama look bad.  A hole-in-one playing with Obama, which captured all the media attention.  Now, Chambliss is already planning to retire from the Senate next year, so there probably won't be any personal retaliation.  I wonder, why is Obama playing golf with Republicans?  Does he not know any gay golfers? 






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