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"I remember at the memorial service when the bodies of the Benghazi dead arrived back home. Hillary and Obama were promising the families, 'We're gonna get the guy that did this video!' Inside, I was fuming. Telling these people we're gonna get the guy that did this video? Those coffins were draped in American flags -- and in a lie."

"What an absolute shock, ladies and gentlemen. It looks like no other news network, not even cable news, is covering the Benghazi hearings except for Fox News."

"On September 11th, 2012 The Situation Room was not used. Nobody went there, apparently, evidently, where four Americans were killed. You know, the old saying is that success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan."

"Would it be unfair to say that the president and his media suck-ups have misled the American people about gun crimes in an effort to pass gun control laws? Yep, I think it would be fair to say that."

"Any time the general public has a misapprehension about something, it's the Drive-By Media's fault, there is no question. In the old days it was usually incompetence. Now it's just outright bias or nonreporting or misreporting for the purposes of pushing the agenda of the Democrat Party."

"Gun crime has plummeted, folks. Outside of Chicago, gun crime is way down from its peak in the 1990s, but most Americans think it's way up. Remember, never let an imagined crisis go to waste. So here we have a totally made up crisis. In fact, I'll bet you, it's kind of like global warming."

"Is 'Death is a part of life' maybe a motto for Obamacare? Maybe that ought to be on the posters at the exchanges when you go in to sign up for Obamacare: 'Death is a part of life -- Elijah Cummings, ranking Democrat, House Government Oversight Committee.'"

"I remember at the memorial service when the bodies of the dead arrived back at Andrews Air Force Base, or Dover, wherever it was. The flag-draped coffins were there and Obama and Hillary, Hillary and Obama, were promising the families, 'We're gonna get the guy that did this video!' Inside, I was fuming."

"So Hillary Clinton goes to Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods who was killed at Benghazi, and after apologizing, Woods said that Hillary told him that the United States would make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted. They'd make sure that the guy who did the video was taken care of. It's just amazing."

"Folks, do you realize that very little of anything we were told was the truth?"

"Words that will live in infamy. 'What difference does it make?' Try that when a kid walks into a school and starts shooting. Try that at the next whatever Boston Marathon bombing event is. Try that the next time some kid walks into a movie theater with a gun. What difference does it make why he did it? Try that, see how far that gets you."

"There were two Americans that tried to help out. They thought they had support. They didn't. They died."

"Just remember this when you sign up for our wonderful new health care plan: 'Death is a part of life.'"

"Why isn't Elijah Cummings in that Reader's Digest list of most trusted Americans? How did he get missed? Man, with thinking like this. 'Death is a part of life' ranks up there with, 'What difference does it make?'"

"You ought to hear the Democrats questioning these witnesses. They're contentious. These are people that survived that attack. These are people that witnessed their friends die. These are people that were in the middle of it. They're being accused of nothing but advancing a political agenda opposed to Obama. They're being treated contentiously by the Democrats."

"Did you hear that the president is gonna refocus on jobs? Yeah, I just heard. He's gonna embark on another campaign-type tour, and that's the word in the headline: 'Refocus.'"

"There are all kinds of people who want to get rid of the 22nd Amendment. Who would love for Obama to seek a third term."

"The left sees the military in a totally different way than you and I do. When they're at the Super Bowl and they see jets in a flyover start of the game, they're threatened by it. They see the agents of war. You and I see freedom flying over. The sound of those jets, that equals freedom to you and me."


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