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"There's just one remaining question that I have been asking about Benghazi for months: 'Where was Obama during all of it?' That's the one thing that nobody knows. Where was Obama when four Americans were under assault and ultimately being killed? And there doesn't seem to be any curiosity inside official Washington."

"There she is right there on Fox. There she is right there on CNN. The verdict was yesterday and the news is still Jodi Arias."

"I must tell you, I'm America's Anchorman, I never heard of Jodi Arias 'til about five days ago. I still don't know what she did. No, I really don't. I know this is not good for my low-information outreach."

"What, Snerdley? She stabbed her boyfriend 27 times. What else? Shot him. Hold it. Now, wait, she shot her boyfriend. She stabbed him 27 times. What else? Slit his throat and shot him. Was the throat slit one of the 27 stabbings? So, 27 stabbings and slit the throat and then shot him. And they found her guilty for that? See, there's a War on Women in America."

"Hicks' team was able to get to Benghazi before the assault ended. So this idea that we couldn't have gotten there in time was disproven by reality. We had a team that did get there in time. They were just very small and they didn't have any air support. That's how we had three Americans, in addition to the ambassador, die."

"I wonder, has anybody in the mainstream media yet decided to condemn Mr. Castro for his alternative lifestyle? He had numerous women shackled and chained, kept against their will. What this guy did, this guy kicked these women in the stomach to force them to abort their babies. That happened at least five times. Will the mainstream media ever ask what would have happened had any of these women had a gun?"

"I have to laugh here because the Drive-Bys thought they were on to something, and they don't even see the correlation."

"There are two stories in the New York Times that Jim Pethokoukis cites when he says that the good economic news is bad news for Democrats. It really isn't. There is no bad news for Democrats, and this isn't gonna be, either."

"Jodi Arias was found guilty yesterday in Phoenix. She stabbed the guy who wanted to break up with her 27 times, then slit his throat, then shot him. A little overkill, but still she did it. She was mad that he wanted to break up with her. I know it's strange they convicted her for that, but the War on Women."

"The idea that a politician would demand that a team explain its roster moves, just last year and beyond would not have been foreseeable."

"The American economy is filled with ingenuity. It's filled with creativity, and it's filled with entrepreneurs. And at some point the American people will say, "To heck with this," and they're gonna start doing whatever they can to prosper, and they're gonna do whatever they can to overcome whatever obstacles are there."

"The Democrats are never wrong. The Democrats never make a mistake. The Democrats are always right. And right is always wrong. And wrong is always right. Even when they're wrong it's right, even for the wrong reasons."

"I'm just telling you: Benghazi is what it is. It's being portrayed exactly as we knew it would be."

"What the media doesn't get is, as the American people have armed up, gun crime has fallen -- dramatically: 49% and 69%, gun crime and gun murders."

"The fact that Greg Hicks' team was able to get to Benghazi before the end of the assault strongly suggests that the special operations team could have made a real difference."


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