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Bail for Ariel Castro, But Not Mohammed Video Maker
RUSH: RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Ariel Castro, the perp in Cleveland in the kidnappings. Did he rape those girls? Yeah, he had to. He raped those girls. His bail was just set at $8 million. What do you think of that, Snerdley? That means he's gotta come up with $800,000 to get out. I think they're making sure he stays there. They want $8 million bail for Ariel Castro. By the way, the video maker has been denied bail.

The man by the name of Nakoula Nakoula, the maker of the ostensible anti-Mohammed video that nobody has ever seen that was posted on YouTube last July, is still sitting in jail on a bank fraud charge. He's not even in... Well, he's in jail because of the video, but they're not saying that. And he's been denied bail. (laughing) I kid you not. But Ariel Castro gets $8 million bail. Do you think he'll come up with it?

Do you think somebody will come up with it for him? You don't think the media would rather have this guy out of jail, walking around town, and being able to be covered? Wouldn't this guy walking around town be a fascinating story to cover? It's gonna be a long time for this guy's trial; they don't want to wait for that. No, I'm not predicting that. I'm just raising a little question.

US Temps Drop 3 Degrees Over Last Year
RUSH: US temperatures. I mentioned this right at the end of the previous hour. This is doubtless true. I don't know about you, folks, but we're in the middle of May, almost. I know all of this is anecdotal, but this is true. I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, and it was wintertime. It was 30 degrees at night, 55 for the highs. It was in early May, late April. In much of the country this is the coldest and the latest spring that people everywhere are experiencing.

Even here where we live. Normally by now, May is one of the nicest months of the year here and it's proving to be the case. We have no humidity. The summertime humidity is not here. It usually shows up in April. We don't have any humidity. It's 82 out there, and it is delightful. Some people think it's cold at 82 here because of no humidity. It does make a huge difference. Well, for some people I think it's delightful anyway, but at nighttime it is chilly for a lot of people here.

This guy Steven Goddard at WordPress.com has calculated that the temperatures in America have dropped almost three degrees centigrade just over the past year. You know, there are so many inconvenient facts that are running up against the left every day. It's just an absolute shame that they don't matter. Like the gun control numbers. I mean, I think this is really, really important. Gun crime in America is down dramatically.

The American people don't know this. The American people, if you just ask 'em in a survey, they'll tell you that gun crime has to be up. And it's logical to understand why most people would think that. If you watch the media, every schoolhouse shooting or movie theater shooting gets covered for days and days. The gun control debate takes place on cable TV after that and it's routinely about, "We've gotta get guns off the street!

"There are so many damn guns out there, so much ammo out there. People are dying left and right. People are dying. We've gotta do something about it, do a gun control bill." It's logical to assume that we have a gun problem that's just out of control. The fact of the matter is killings by guns are down 49% since 1993. Regular old gun crime is down 69%. I mean, that's dramatic. Yet the Christian Science Monitor today: "With Gun Violence Down, is America Arming Against an Imagined Threat?"

I'm not quite sure how they mean this.

The answer to the question's an excellent observation. Americans are arming up against an imagined threat. Now, the connection that's not made until the very end of this piece -- and they have to go out and they talk to some special interest group leader, Independence something or other is the name of the group. This guy points out: Has anybody stopped to think maybe one of the reasons gun crime is down is because gun ownership is way up? That's an inescapable correlation.

Gun ownership is way up.

Gun sales are way up.

Gun crime is way down.

Concealed carry permits, way up. Gun ownership, way up. Gun sales, way up. Concealed-carry permit, way up. Gun crime, way down. The media is scratching their heads. "Wait a minute! Americans are arming up against an imagined threat. There's no reason for these people to be having all these guns! There's no reason for these hicks and hayseeds to be buying all these guns! There's no reason!"

They don't stop to think, "Wait a minute. Gun crime is way down, and not just last year, and not just in the last three years, but since the mid-1990s." There's been a steady, dramatic decline in crimes committed with guns, because there are more guns in the hands of law-abiding people who would end up as victims were they not armed. The places where gun crime is up are in gun-free zones, where the perpetrators/bad guys know they're gonna be the only ones with the guns.

Why do you think they target a school or a movie theater?

They know that nobody's allowed to have a gun in these places, so that's where they go. What is it always, without exception, that stops them? Somebody else with a gun showing up, firing at them. Every time. Conflict resolution doesn't stop 'em. Shrieks, people begging, "Please, put the gun down. Please, don't shoot me" doesn't work. Somebody showing up with another gun does every time. That's what makes 'em stop.

As we're learning now, the realization that there are more guns everywhere is resulting in a dramatic decline in gun crime. Now, the American people don't know that but there are two surveys this week to prove it. It's the same thing now about the temperature, although I think there's an increasing number of people who now think that global warming (manmade, anyway) is a made-up hoax. If they don't think it's a hoax, they think something's screwy about it, 'cause it isn't getting warmer.

In fact, it's getting dramatically colder.

A three-degree drop in one year!

Folks, the global warming nutcases are warning us about a one- to 1.5-degree centigrade rise temperatures over 50 to a hundred years, and the devastation that that would cause. Now we got a three degree centigrade drop in one year, the past year. Are you surprised you haven't heard this? The media not reporting this, arte you surprised about that? You see, if the facts don't fit the narrative, then the story gets Gosnelled. And if you don't know what Gosnelled means, you just found out.

"What's that?"


The facts don't fit the narrative on guns, and the facts on temperature do not fit the narrative.

I want you to hear it, even though I have assured you it's true and you know it.

WH: Unless You're a Native American, You Came from Someplace Else
RUSH: By the way, can I read to you a tweet from the White House?  "Unless you are a Native American, you came from someplace else.  Share your family's story with us."  The White House is making a big push for the Gang of Eight immigration bill, and the White House point is, you're no different than the people who are here illegally.  You, your family, your descendants, your ancestors, they were here, and they were illegal, too, one time.  The only way that you didn't come here from someplace else is if you are an Indian, if you're a Native American. 

This is the new mobilizing tactic that the regime is using to support the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.  Got it?  You're no different than any of these 11 million people who are here illegally.  You were here illegally at one time, or your parents were, or your grandparents, something.  Nobody except the Native Americans were really ever here.  Everybody else came from someplace else.  Well, I know we came through Ellis Island, processed, it doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is that you came from someplace else, that this is not your country.  Somewhere else is your country.  The only people who's country this really is is the Native Americans. 


Native Americans migrated here, too.  Of course they did.  But nobody knows that and we're not gonna take the time to teach 'em.  The White House is not interested in the fact that the Indians came here from somewhere else.  In fact, the scientific consensus -- I love saying that in this case -- the scientific consensus has long held that the Indians came here from Asia over the Bering Straits.  And they killed the buffalo.  Unless you're a Native American, you came from someplace else and you're supposed to share your family's story with the White House at their website, it's WhiteHouse.gov.  Yep, yep. 

So, you see, millions and millions and millions of Americans were never Americans.  They were something else first.  Then they came here, just like these 11 million.  You're no different than them.  The difference is nobody told you you were committing a crime. Nobody told you you were illegal. Nobody told you you couldn't be here. Nobody threatened to send you back blah, blah, blah.  That's what they're trying to convey at the White House as they promote the Gang of Eight.

Terry McAuliffe's War on Women
RUSH: Now, Glenn Reynolds posted something his website, Instapundit. Terry McAuliffe is running for the governorship against Ken Cuccinelli. Of course, it's the Democrats who say the Republicans have a War on Women. Yeah, we just hate women! These Republicans, you know they want women barefoot and pregnant. They want to keep 'em in the kitchen, don't give 'em birth control, whatever. "Terry McAuliffe's Woman Problem." National Journal: "Democrat Terry McAuliffe has drawn a portrait of his marriage..."

In a book, he talked about the time that he ditched his wife, Dorothy, while she was in labor, giving birth to one of their kids, in the hospital. He walked in and the story is that she said (summarized), "Terry, you go ahead. I know you've got a meeting with a Washington Post reporter. You've got a party to go to, so go. I don't want you to be here, Terry." So he left his wife about to give birth to go to a political party. He wrote about that. There's another one, though.

"The more problematic anecdote to me is one that involves the birth of another baby, in this case a newborn son whom McAuliffe left in the car with Dorothy on the way home from the hospital while he spent 15 minutes at a fundraiser. She was in tears, he writes. How the heck does he think women would react to that?" I can tell you: It isn't gonna be a big deal. Why would it be? It's not gonna be a big deal to women. Democrats love women! Whatever women want, the Democrats will let them have.

It's not gonna hurt him.

Reality doesn't apply.

There is no conventional reality that applies to Democrats, folks.

It just doesn't happen.


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