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Chickification of the News: NBC Hires Female Prez with British Tabloid Past... NYC Discusses Plan to Allow Non-Citizen Voting... Northwestern University Under Fire for Cinco de Mayo Warning... Dept. of Education Student Aid Form Eliminates Words "Mother"  and "Father"...

The Libyan President was More Honest Than Our Own Administration About What Happened in Benghazi

RUSH: He was trying to help us, trying to warn everybody of the truth, and they basically threw him under the bus and that's why Hicks said his jaw dropped. Because in his world, this guy, this Libyan president, is exactly the kind of guy we want to forge relationships with in that part of the world, and he saw his administration throwing this guy overboard. 

Will the Low-Info Crowd Ever Get It?

RUSH: Of those who get it, that's just the first step. There may be a lot of them who get it. "Yeah, the regime covered up. Yeah, the regime lied. Yep, they told a fib about the video." But then how many of 'em care? How many of 'em think that means anything? How many of them think that's a big deal? Because Jodi Arias is getting sentenced on May 15th!


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