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Chickification of the News: NBC Hires Female Prez with British Tabloid Past
RUSH: NBC, it's a news network. They have named their new president. Well, the New York Times says they have their new president. It is a female, a woman who runs Eye TV in Great Britain. The chickification of news continues. We've got a woman running the New York Times. You have a woman now who's gonna run NBC News. You have a woman running the White House, Valerie Jarrett. You have another woman running the White House, Michelle Obama, and now a woman running NBC News -- and you have Oprah.

You put the dots together.

NYC Discusses Plan to Allow Non-Citizen Voting
RUSH: The New York Daily News today.  The New York City council is going to discuss allowing non-citizens to vote in city elections.  "On Thursday non-citizen, immigrant voting will return to New York City’s political agenda. The City Council Committee on Immigration and the Committee on Government Relations will hold a joint hearing tomorrow on non-citizen permanent resident voting in municipal elections. Council Immigration Committee Chair Daniel Dromm is leading the Council’s effort, along with Government Relations Committee Chair Gail Brewer.  Proponents of immigrant voting say that they have a veto-proof majority of Council members who favor the proposal."


So even if the mayor, Michael Doomberg, vetoes the bill, they claim they've got the votes to override his veto.  Meanwhile, we are supposed to believe that the illegals given amnesty under the Gang of Eight plan will have to wait 13 years to vote.  Now, why will that be?  If the city council in New York can grant voting rights to non-citizens, then how long is it gonna take for the rest of these newly legalized 11 million to vote?  Believe me, that will be the first -- you know what, I can tell you what's gonna happen.  You can, too. 

Let's hypothetically imagine amnesty happens tomorrow.  Tomorrow's the day.  Tomorrow's the day that we're gonna legalize pathway to citizenship, whatever.  And as part of the bill it says these people have to wait 13 years to vote.  Now, tomorrow's Saturday.  The next day on the Sunday shows, Chuck Schumer will be a guest on one of the shows or maybe make the rounds of all of them, and he'll practically be crying about how unfair it is that these people have to wait now to be involved in the political system that governs their lives. 

How fair is that?  We've just made them citizens, or we've just cleared them on the pathway to citizenship and now we're insulting them, and now we're telling them they can't vote for 13 years?  Where is our compassion? Where are our hearts?  What kind of country are we? 

I can hear it now.  So even if the bill does say they have to wait 13 years, two days after amnesty -- he-he-he-he-he -- all the crocodile tears, "It's not fair. It's not fair that they can't vote. It isn't fair." 

Northwestern University Under Fire for Cinco de Mayo Warning
RUSH: This is a story from The Daily Caller.  Northwestern University has got themselves in a bit of trouble.  Apparently somebody decided to tell students not to celebrate Cinco De Mayo by engaging in racially offensive activities.  And the racially insensitive activities that were suggested everybody avoid were eating tacos and drinking tequila and wearing sombreros.  That's right.  On Cinco De Mayo the students at Northwestern were told don't offend the Mexicans, and if you order tacos, if you're seen eating tacos or drinking tequila shots or wearing a sombrero, you are offending Mexicans.  Don't do it. 

Well, this offended the Mexican students, who said, "What the hell? We love tacos. We want to eat tacos. We love tequila, and we very much cherish our sombreros." But the university said that Mexican themed parties are culturally insensitive and offensive and detrimental to the community if there is tequila and tacos and wearing sombreros.  And the Mexican students said, "I'd like to say, I proudly embrace my tacos.  I proudly embrace my tequila and sombrero." 

Ruben Antonio Marcos Bours, a Northwestern student said in a statement, "To me, they are a key part of my childhood, growing up in Monterrey, Mexico." Another student who grew up in Mexico called the letter "over the top."  What do you mean I can't have tacos?  It doesn't offend me.  But the PC crowd at Northwestern thought that it would.  It's ridiculous.

Dept. of Education Student Aid Form Eliminates Words "Mother"  and "Father"


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