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"This no longer is a government of, by, and for the people. This is a government governing against the will of the people. We pay the government to protect the liberties that we are guaranteed by the Constitution. They are working to undermine them."

"Be wary, folks, of any politician who talks about the Constitution and uses things like 'I am constrained.'"

"Nobody is surprised when they hear that presidents use the IRS. Everybody's heard of the political audit. I've got two or three examples of Obama administration-targeted audits of Romney donors."

"The Obama regime really looks out for the little guy, doesn't it? They're always blaming the low-level people. Man, I wouldn't want to be a low-level worker for this regime, 'cause you're always gonna be the fall guy if anything goes wrong

"The media is not on our side. The media's always gonna be on the side of the Democrats; they're always gonna be on the side of Obama."

"The government is governing against the will of the people. You go issue by issue by issue, whatever it is, gun control, vast majority don't want what the government is doing."

"Why do I love this country every day? I love it every day because I have a chance. I've got a golden opportunity here to tell people what I care about each and every day."

"The IRS is crucial to 'em. They cannot afford the IRS to be damaged. If something like this happens they gotta get in there, get it, fix it quick, and get out, because the IRS is the tax collection agency, the money collection agency of big government, of socialism, of Obamacare, 16,000 brand-new IRS agents for Obamacare alone."

"Seven days later, Susan Rice is on five TV shows, not calling it a terrorist attack. She was denying it, blaming it on the video. Why did Obama go to the United Nations two weeks later and blame the video?"

"The Obama administration has called the effort to understand what happened in causing the death of four Americans in Benghazi 'a bump in the road' and now a 'sideshow. The effort to understand why four Americans unnecessarily died at a US consulate in Benghazi is called by this administration 'a bump in the road' and a 'sideshow.'"

"The idea that this Tea Party targeting by the IRS is something somebody just discovered and only recently learned about is silly. This was known years ago. In fact, the IRS commissioner Lois Lerner has admitted that all this was going on as far back as 2011. The New York Times praised the practice."

"I wonder how the families of the four dead Americans react when they hear the president of the United States refer to this whole sordid affair as 'a bump in the road,' 'a sideshow,' and now 'a political circus.'"

"Liberals need the IRS and the tax code, so they need to save the IRS. In addition to that, don't forget that the IRS is now the collection agency for Obamacare, which they're entirely invested in."

"Under Clinton the IRS went after the NRA, the Heritage Foundation, the National Review, the American Spectator, Freedom Alliance, American Policy Center, Citizens for Honest Government, the Progress and Freedom Foundation, Concerned Women for America, and on and on and on. But just remember, folks, what Elijah Cummings said during the whistleblower hearings on Benghazi. There is death in life, and that's all you need to know about Benghazi. Next question on the IRS so we can dispatch that."

"The American public is woefully ignorant of things going on in America today. The American public is woefully uneducated. The American public is embarrassingly untold, embarrassingly uninformed -- and that's because of the terrible state of journalism. It's doing terrible damage to our country."

"The Obama regime uses government to punish people. The Obama regime is using government to investigate people. The Obama administration is using government to intimidate people, to mislead people."

"Obama said today that that next day he called Benghazi a terrorist attack. He did not!"


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