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Limbaugh Theorem in Action at WH Briefing


RUSH: Wow. I just checked a little bit of the White House press briefing. The spokeskid, Jay Carney, is kind of under the gun. Jessica Yellin of CNN is really having at him on this IRS business. One of the reasons why is that Jay Carney is sitting here talking about the IRS scandal, and he said, "Well, if the IRS reports are true, then the president would be outraged." What do you mean, "if" the IRS reports are true? The IRS has admitted all of this! They've already apologized for it!

The IRS has confessed to a scandal. Now, they haven't confessed the whole enchilada yet, but nobody is denying it. An IRS official or two have admitted that wrongdoing took place. Why, this is so, so, so telling and so typical. This White House is digging in. They won't even admit that what is known is true. Now, Jay Carney is telling Jessica Yellin of CNN, "Well, if what you say is true, then the president would be outraged."

She's not having any of it. She's firing right back. Just to give you an example, she asked a multipart question, and his response was (summarized), "Well, I don't know. That doesn't have anything to do with your first sentence. Your first sentence has no relationship to that question." I mean, it is stonewalling. It is deflection. The spokeskid is being harassed right now. The White House press corps, what little I saw of it, just appears to be really loaded for bear on this IRS business.


RUSH:  Jay Carney is indeed -- I watched a little bit more of this -- he's being raked over the coals, but this is part of the game, folks.  This is standard operating procedure.  IRS scandal, easy.  IRS scandal, safe.  Anything that covers Benghazi up, fine.  That's the value of this, both to the media and to the regime.  So they're asking Carney about the IRS (paraphrasing), "Well, if this happened..."

"Come on, Jay, what do you mean if it happened?" 

"Well, if it happened, it would be outrageous, the president is still looking at it."

"What do you mean, Jay?  Come on, man, they've already admitted it, they've apologized. What do you mean, if it happened?" 

"Well, the president still thinks it's very, very bad."  What Carney's basically saying is, "Look, we didn't know anything about the IRS thing here at the White House, and we didn't know anything about Benghazi here at the White House, and we didn't know anything about the AP here at the White House. We don't know anything about any of that." 

And the press is saying, "Come on, Jay, you're here at the White House, you gotta know all about this."

"No, we don't know anything about that."  But the IRS scandal, the media is perfectly safe hammering a press spokesman on the IRS.  And I think Carney is perfectly fine being hammered.  That's standard operating procedure.  I mean, an IRS scandal, that's pretty common in Washington. People not liking the IRS, that's pretty common. People being suspicious of 'em, that's pretty common.  So all the time taken up with the IRS scandal is time not spent on Benghazi, and that's really helpful. 

I got people sending me email: "Boy, Rush, Jay Carney, he's really, really, I mean, they're just hammering this poor little guy."  I'm sure he's perfectly fine with it.  Anything to keep Benghazi off the front pages and off the top of anybody's mind.  Chip Reid just said, "Are you guys in a siege mentality here in the West Wing?"

"Oh, no," Carney said, "Oh, no, no.  We're back here, we're working on everything we can do to help the middle class, and we're working, we're doing everything we can to educate America's kids, and we're working really, really hard at reducing the deficit." 

"Well, what about this IRS business?"

"If it's true --"

"Jay, what do you mean if it's true?  They've apologized for it.  What about the AP?"

"Well, we didn't know anything about the AP.  I mean, that happened over at the DOJ. We don't know anything about that. We found out about that at the same time you did." 

"What about Benghazi?" 

"Well, you know, that's the video, that's still the video. We don't really know what's going on with any of this."  It's the Limbaugh Theorem being played out in this press conference.  Obama's got nothing to do with any of this.  That's how they're trying to play it.  That's how Jay Carney's trying to play it. Obama's got nothing to do with any of this and, if it happened, why, he's outraged by it just like you are!  That's the position Carney's taking and he's not moving off of it, no matter what they say to him. 

So it's the Limbaugh Theorem in action before your very eyes.  "Well, if it happened the president's truly outraged by it." 

"What do you mean, Jay, if it happened?"

"Well, the president doesn't know for sure. He's not really up on it. The AP, none of it."

They don't know anything about it, folks.  It's just these rogue, low-level people on their own doing this horrible stuff, and we're trying to get our arms around it and corral it and stop it. If it turns out to be true it would be really bad, but we don't know that yet. 



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