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"If a Republican would stroll to the mic and say, 'You know, the president's right! Rush Limbaugh's a problem in this country. We just can't get things done as long as he's on the radio,' it would be the crowning achievement of Obama's administration. Of course just last week, folks, I was irrelevant and about to be thrown off the radio because I'm so insignificant. This changes, seemingly, on a weekly basis."

"Obama is fixated on me. He simply cannot get me off his mind. I live rent free in his head."

"I, your beloved host, El Rushbo -- soon to celebrate 25 years behind the Golden EIB Microphone -- I am the obstacle. I am the Mister Big. I am the wall. I am the obstacle. I'm the one thing in his way, and he's very comfortable in telling people that I'm it. So, ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States is in trouble."

"Snerdley just said to me during the break, he said, 'Nobody does a radio bit better than you.' This is not a radio bit, folks."

"I don't deal with Obama as just the latest Democrat who we oppose because we're Republicans and he's a Democrat. I recognize Obama as the Alinskyite that he is, the community organizer that he is, and the guy who really doesn't like this country as founded. Republicans don't talk about him that way, but I do."

"Obama is saying I am preventing him from getting cooperation from the Republicans, Mr. Snerdley. My presence, my microphone, my existence makes the Republicans fearful that if they agree with Obama, if they help his agenda, that I will criticize them. And that, he says, they're afraid of."

"The Obama administration is spying on state-controlled reporters from the Associated Press. Don't they know that the AP would have given him this information if he just asked for it?"

"In the spirit of doing whatever I can to move things forward in this country, I would like to make myself available to the president of the United States to sit down and talk with him at a place of his choosing -- and discuss the problems facing the country, and maybe working together. Since I am the opposition, the obstacle, the reason he can't get things done, I'll be glad to sit down with him any time, anyplace."

"If I'm the guy standing in the way of Obama's agenda, I'll be glad to meet with him and hash it out. I'll be glad to advise him on how to move the country forward. Not his way, but I'll be glad to talk to him about it, if I'm the obstacle. I've made that offer."

"The administration will probably say that the Department of Justice was collecting AP phone records of low-level workers at the AP, not anybody really major."

"I know that they're pro-Obama all the way, but that doesn't hide the fact that the AP was spied upon. The AP was attacked."

"Obama doesn't sit down in the arena of ideas and try to prove the premise of his ideas. He tries to eliminate the existence of other ideas and the people who have them. The idea here that most powerful man in the world is thwarted because of me is pretty stark stuff, which is why I'm offering to help the president and advise him on a way out of this impasse."

"A chief officer of the Internal Revenue Service is admitting, 'I'm not very good at math.'"

"So many people are hoping that, because the Department of Justice was spying on AP reporters, the AP will see the light about who they've been covering for and abandon Obama. It's not going to happen, folks."

"I do more than oppose Obama. I define him. I tell people who he is, what he is, and what his ultimate plans are."


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