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"What was happening was, it just wasn't fair, folks. What the IRS was doing was not fair to these Tea Party groups. They were denying them the right to participate in the political process by harassing them because of what they believed. That's not American, that's not fair, and it was mean. It was really mean."

"I have not heard back from the White House regarding my invitation yesterday to meet with the president whenever he wants to discuss the gridlock, for which he blames me. I'm willing to meet with him and get off the dime on this to try to move the country forward and, if need be, advise him on how to do this."

"Now all of a sudden Obama is just too disengaged. He's too passive. He's too disinterested. He couldn't possibly have had a direct role in any of this 'cause he doesn't care enough. He's not engaged enough."

"It seems like only a few days ago Barack Obama was telling the graduates at the Ohio State University commencement exercise about the joys of big government. He was mocking right-wingers who distrust big government for their paranoid suspicions about tyranny. He was warning them about all the voices, and he meant one; I'm now convinced it was me, since I do live rent free in his head."

"You know, folks, all these Obama scandals, keep them in mind the next time that you hear Barack and Michelle Obama lecturing audiences about how important it is for people to get involved in grassroots politics."

"Everybody in positions of power in his bureaucracy has been put there because he wants them there. He doesn't have to have direct fingerprints on everything. All he's had to do is put like-minded, fellow-traveler activists in these positions, and he can be guaranteed that they're going to do exactly what he would do if he were there. That's all he has to do."

"Every Obama appointee and every Obama career person in these positions is from the same mold as Obama. They are there to wage war against their enemies -- and I'm not talking about Al-Qaeda, and I'm not talking about Saddam Hussein. I'm not talking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I'm talking about you and me. We are having a war waged against us. That is what is coming to the surface now."

"All you've gotta do is keep that one truth in mind as you watch, read, or listen to every new detail coming up out of the IRS story. There wasn't one incident in this IRS story that's accidental. There wasn't one occurrence here that was a mistake. All of it was on purpose."

"At the very at least the IRS suppressed the Tea Party movement for 27 months, from March of 2010 to June of 2012, across two election cycles. That's at the very least. The IRS suppressed the Tea Party movement. The IRS. In this case, a branch of the Obama administration."

"Obama's half-brother, Abongo Malik Obama who was granted a tax exemption for his charity, which was called the Barack H. Obama Foundation. He was granted tax-exempt status within less than a month, but there was a bonus. His tax-exempt status was made retroactive two years prior because he had been collecting donations illegally for two years prior to having been granted tax-exempt status. I'm not making this up."

"The IRS has been suppressing the Tea Party for the vast majority of its existence. Meanwhile, every Democrat group, from ProPublica to Organizing for Action, has sailed through the process for tax-exempt status without even a question -- without even a single question -- compared to what the Tea Party people have had to go through."

"The IRS was being used by the Obama administration to deny people their legal right to participate in the political process by way of forming tax-exempt foundations and organizations designed to raise money to promote the ideas they believed in. It's this group that created that massive midterm electoral defeat for the Democrat Party. The 2010 midterms. That combined with the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which essentially allowed corporations to also enter the political process, threw the Democrat Party from Obama on down for loops."

"All of this, this IRS stuff, yes, it's bad, and it's easily explained, and it's easily understood. It wasn't fair. It's mean. But at least so far we don't know that anybody was killed. In Benghazi, four Americans are dead, and there still is not a legitimate explanation for why."

"If you're gonna fire anybody, it's for stupidly getting caught. But whoever was doing this at the IRS was doing exactly what Obama wanted, exactly what Joe Biden wanted, exactly what Harry Reid wanted, exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted, exactly what Barbara Boxer wanted, exactly what Dianne Feinstein wanted."

"The best candidate -- the most honest, the most straightforward, the person who has the best ideas for the most people -- wins. You grow up thinking that, and then you learn it's not at all about that. It's about money, it's about marketing, it's about packaging, it's about lying creativity, it's about character assassination, all these things."


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